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A Child-like Zest For Life #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

‘Z is for Zest | Positive & Inspired Living A to Z’


Have you ever noticed when some people walk into a room, the energy level of that room goes up a couple of notches? Sometimes a person’s sunny personality brightens even the gloomiest person’s mood. I know a few people like that. They bring their own sunshine, and have an irresistible zest for life.

Moreover, I live with an extremely vivacious 3 year old whose zest for life is infectious. He greets every new day with equal excitement and joy. Very few things really get him bogged down (potty training being one of them 😛 ). He is always ready for the next adventure. It’s the little things that fill him with joy. For example, when his dad sets up his new toy station, he runs around the house doing his happy dance  for a good 10 minutes, or the times he is able to negotiate an extra slice of cake for himself, his excited squeal of delight reaches even the neighbors.

I guess as we grow up, we kind of lose touch with the simple joys and our natural optimism. How wonderful would it be if we retained some of that childlike zest for life? It would certainly make us happier as individuals and brighten the lives of those around us, as zest is like that – it’s highly contagious.

Psychologists say that zest is one of the five character strengths that contribute most to a sense of satisfaction and well being (The other four being curiosity, gratitude, optimism, and the ability to love and be loved). So if we are looking to increase our happiness, we should start approaching every new day with a zest for life. Don’t you think?

Lots of Love


This post is written for the AtoZChallenge2015.



  1. Great thoughts about zest, Shanaya. I’m so glad I discovered your blog on the A-Z Challenge.
    Catherine Johnson recently posted…Y for YorkMy Profile

  2. A lovely post to end the A-Z Challenge with. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more from you 🙂
    Alison Williams recently posted…#AtoZChallenge: Y is for Your and You’reMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a great idea Shanaya! 😉 And with child-like zest full of wonder and delight! 🙂 BTW, I wrote about zest too at http://xpressyouressence.blogspot.ca/2015/04/a-to-z-challenge-z-is-for-zest.html 😉 <3
    elly stornebrink recently posted…#A to Z Challenge: Z is for …Zest!My Profile

  4. What an awesome finale to A-Z Challenge! Simply superb Shanaya 🙂 One person in my life who was full of zest till he died at 97 was my Grandpa. He never fell ill and hasn’t been hospitalised in his lifetime. He had all the five qualities that you mention. I do my best to emulate him and somewhere have succeeded to an extent.
    Congratulations on completing A-Z Challenge 😀
    My A-Z posts: http://sundarivenkatraman.blogspot.in

  5. Prasanna says:

    It is true. I see the same zest as your son has in my daughter. Every morning when she gets up, it’s a new day for her to explore and have fun. And it’s fun to learn new things through her eyes. Congrats for completing the challenge Shantala 🙂

  6. Wonderful Shantala.
    Loved reading all your posts including this one and I will revisit when i need a little positivity in my life.
    good luck and happy blogging 🙂

  7. Totally agree with you Shantala. And Congratulations for completing this challenge successfully. I had everyday waited for your posts. You’ve kept me hooked completely. Have enjoyed reading them equally.

  8. Like the word Zest ! the very use of it brings in loads of energy; zealous people always inspire; and I agree they carry so much of positivity; the energy level in the room goes up… thanks for sharing !
    G Angela recently posted…Z for Zong Dog Palri Fo BrangMy Profile

  9. My wife is one of those people, and it’s partially why I married her. It’s very rare that she is in a bad mood and she always makes a room seem alive.
    Tim H recently posted…Z is for Zambia – A to Z ChallengeMy Profile

  10. I think we do lose that appreciation for simple joys. My youngest son is one of those people who light up a room. I hope your son is always like that. I’ve really enjoyed your posts this month.

  11. Excellent!

    Congratulations on completing the A to Z blogging challenge!
    Don’t forget about the A to Z Reflections post coming up in May.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires
    Tim Brannan recently posted…A to Z of Vampires: ZburătorMy Profile

  12. I work in psychology, and I pretty much agree with your sentiments on zeal.

    Congrats on surviving the challenge! 🙂
    David P. King recently posted…The WOVEN A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zack!My Profile

  13. Congrats on finishing!!!!
    Courtney Turner (@mauijungalow) recently posted…Zoning on Maui – Trying to Make Sense of ItMy Profile

  14. Congratulations on completing the AtoZ challenge. Thank you for all the encouraging words from you for my posts throughout this challenge. I am glad we could connect here.

    Salvwi Prasad recently posted…ZipperMy Profile

  15. Yes we should have a childlike zest for life. Nice post and nice way to end. Congratulations for finishing the challenge.
    Suzy recently posted…Love is in the air – ZillionMy Profile

  16. Indeed some people have so much energy. My manager is like that … it’s infectious. 🙂
    It was a pleasure reading you though the a to z challenge 🙂
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…Yoga ZentangleMy Profile

  17. It’s sad that we tend to become subdued as we grow older!
    Congrats to you for completing the challenge so successfully!
    Roshni recently posted…Thankful for teachersMy Profile

  18. Congratulations on completing the Challenge!

    So many blogs… it’s past the end, but I’m still discovering new ones every day. Your’s is great! Keep up the good work!

    –Mee (The Chinese Quest)
    Mee Magnum recently posted…[REVIEW] Dynasty of Port WashingtonMy Profile

  19. O yes! Well said.. and we love people who have this persona.. it automatically charge things up!!

    Loved this one Shantala..

    Geets recently posted…Z-ZealMy Profile

  20. So true.. Zest is something we tend to miss out..on our busy days. We attribute it to vacations and relaxing days…Time to rethink- seriously…
    Viyoma recently posted…You will see a “New Me”My Profile

  21. Well said..children are such an awesome role model to learn from..
    Congrats on completing the challenge and i am so glad I met you..Your posts were awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed..Will See you around..
    Parul recently posted…Z for ZNMDMy Profile

  22. sulekha says:

    I let my inner child dart out for a bit daily, keeps me happy and on top of the world. My family love my impromptu singing and dancing, I am not good at either but I love life.

  23. Zeal for living and Zest for life are something that we lose as we grow up. One should never lose them ever, though! Thank you for inspiring all through April, Shantala. And good to meet you through this challenge! 🙂
    Just back from a long work trip and slowly catching up with all the missed posts!
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Z is for Zen #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

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