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An Antidote for our Worries #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

‘W is for Worry | Positive & Inspired Living A to Z’


Let me start off this post by saying that I don’t intend to preach on the futility of worrying, as I have met very FEW people who worry MORE than me. I am not sure if I have always been this way but certainly have been a major worry-wart after I had my son. I worry constantly about him. Is he eating right? Is he sleeping enough? Why does he turn all my spatulas into swords and attack me? You get the picture.

Having said that, I am aware about the pointless nature of most of my worries. But simply knowing that, doesn’t help. It is mostly an involuntary part of my nature, and I can’t just wish it away. However, I was able to find an effective antidote for it. This clearly isn’t a universal antidote, although it works for me and could possibly work for you.

1. Law of Attraction – I read about this in a book called as The Secret. The law of attraction states that our current thoughts create our future reality . This scares me so much that I rush to change the channel on my mental television.

2. Writing a Gratitude Journal – I have recently discovered the benefits of writing a gratitude journal. It instantly alters my frame of mind and makes me focus on the many blessings that are a part of my reality instead of the mostly imaginary situations that I worry about.

I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a special antidote for your worries?

Lots of Love


This post is written for the AtoZChallenge2015.



  1. Prasanna says:

    It’s futile to force yourself to stop worrying and that itself becomes a major worry. When I’m worried I try to think of positive thoughts and imagine myself in worse situations. Also laughter can be helpful too 🙂

  2. We all worry but how we deal with it is important. I switch mental gears when I find myself thinking negative thoughts, no use adding to the problems. Writing a gratitude journal is helpful too.

  3. I think Erma Bombeck summed it up very nicely. I meditate to release worry.
    Suzy recently posted…Love is in the Air – WarMy Profile

  4. Perfect tips. I love it that your posts are always crisp and short but informative and inspiring.
    My link: http://www.devikafernando.com/blog/blogging-from-a-to-z-challenge-letter-w-wedding

  5. Don’t waste time on worrying about things you have no control over.

    –Mee (The Chinese Quest)
    Mee Magnum recently posted…[REVIEW] Dynasty of Port WashingtonMy Profile

  6. Shantala, as far as worrying goes, you and I are twins! I, too, am a big BIG worry-wart. And, I do the exact same things you mentioned under Laws of attraction. I am really trying my best to change the channel on my mental television, but, it’s taking time. But, I am going to keep trying to stop worrying and start living!
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Words.My Profile

  7. Worrying is waste of time – I am sure all of us know that. But when has knowing stopped anyone from not doing? 🙂 You are perfectly right when you say that you realised how much you worry when you gave birth to your son. It was the same for me. Then I found ‘prayer’. I pray – not for long, but intensely. That’s the only way I find that I can keep worry at bay 🙂 Excellent post Shanaya

  8. I Like the quote shantala, and yes I have read a nice book on “the power of your subconscious mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy and also another one”You can Heal Yourself by ” Louise Hay… both these books emphasis on the power of thoughts; Dr Murphy speaks how our subconscious works to bring to reality what we have been fearing… and Louise hay speaks of how every thought has a power to create a future…. Its all how we deal with thought patterns….. ultimately we are all responsible for what we think…
    G Angela recently posted…W for WarangalMy Profile

  9. I read the Secret too…and it sure does work!!! It is scary to think of all the negative thoughts we attract as we worry!
    I tend to worry a lot and most of it is needless..pointless! But meditating helps…earlier I used to sit down to just deep breathe when I panicked but now it has become a routine and it surley helps!
    The little princess recently posted…W for WorshipMy Profile

  10. Actually the same thing scared me too, so I changed my thinking and mental state. 😀 And I feel so much better now
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…The Wild ThingMy Profile

  11. So very true. Worry is fruitless. In my case, if I say something bad for myself aloud it happens 🙂
    Ruchi Singh recently posted…White AngelMy Profile

  12. Your posts are so full of positivity. loved this one and the quote.
    Pooja Sharma Rao recently posted…Without you (in the memory of my late father)My Profile

  13. I have a simple secret 🙂 It involves the mantra from my guru:

    ‘If you worry, I will not worry. So relax and hand your worries over to me.’

    That and prayer has always helped me.
    Shailaja recently posted…Battle Scars #Poem #AmWritingMy Profile

  14. The quote is very nice. Worrying actually takes you nowhere. But one can’t help worrying. I liked your first antidote.

  15. This post is so me! The secret changed the way I thought and worried. I too change my negative thoughts immediately nowadays.
    Gratitude and affirmations also help.
    Preethi Venugopala recently posted…Letters from nowhere: Part 4: WhimsicalMy Profile

  16. I also used to worry a lot.. But have improved a lot.. Trying to live here and now, being in the NOW – that works for me
    Eli recently posted…W for WritingMy Profile

  17. You have completely convinced me to start a gratitude journal. There’s no escaping worry when you have children. And no matter how old they are, you still continue to worry.

  18. I try not to dwell too much on the negative, but I’m still human. What’s interesting is that our personality shapes how we worry. There is one type of personality that will always look for what can go wrong, and try to avert disaster by planning far ahead, and this is the person who will plan a trip 6 months from now and want to know where everyone wants to have dinner the first night! This can drive other people crazy. There is also “ruminating” worry in Chinese face reading that involves thinking the same worry thoughts over and over, going nowhere. I’ve been studying Chinese face reading, so it’s been interesting to find out how different archetypes worry.
    Courtney Turner (@mauijungalow) recently posted…Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop To Drink: Maui’s Crazy Fresh Water ShortageMy Profile

  19. Currently I always list my favorite thing of the day, but to show more gratitude, my wife and are going to start gratitude journaling. It sounds like an interesting way to peruse our personal growth as we travel (which is what we blog about).
    Tim H recently posted…Confession: I’m the Worst Traveler – Part 1My Profile

  20. I worry a lot about the future, career and meeting the work deadlines.Sometimes, it plagues me to no end but think writing in a diary helps. I need to start jotting my thoughts again:)

  21. There’s nothing like becoming a mother to ratchet up the worry levels to a deafening volume. Now that my daughter is grown and managed to turn into a wonderful, well-adjusted human being in spite of all my worrying, I’ve found other things to worry about–climate change, stressful job, the state of the world we live in. Like you, I’ve started a gratitude journal, and that helps hugely.

    Lovely post–thank you.
    Kern Windwraith recently posted…Who, what, where, when, why, whew!My Profile

  22. Hahahaah! Loved your start! “I have met very FEW people who worry MORE than me.” 😀
    I am sure I can give you a tough competition in this field! 😉
    But, you’re right! Worrying is like a dog chasing his tail. I really does get you nowhere.
    I learned to relax and let go a bit after I got my shop. I practice Reiki, and ever since Reiki helped me get the shop, I have learned to leave everything on Reiki. I still worry, but not in an endless loop like earlier.
    Kaddu recently posted…A to Z of Blogging: W – Widgets #atozchallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

  23. I think it’s normal to worry when you have children Shanaya. 😉 My Mom is a huge worry wart and I used to be also imagining all that could go wrong with everything. I actually think my hands-on/energy healing helped me immensely to remove A LOT – most – of my worries. What a huge relief as I was driving everyone around me (including me) crazy! 😉 You have two great ideas for helping you with worry…stick to those as they will work just fine! 🙂 <3
    elly stornebrink recently posted…#A to Z Challenge: W is for … WisdomMy Profile

  24. Great post and I agree, worrying is a waste of time.
    My grandfather used to say – If you worry all the time, what will God do? 🙂
    So, I leave it to God and remain optimistic!
    Parul recently posted…X for XcuseMy Profile

  25. You have company! I worry a LOT too! And your post reminded me to change the channel on my mental television too, like right away 😛
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – 104My Profile

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