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August Wrap Up (Books and Movies)

Hey guys, welcome to the August Edition of the Monthly Wrap Ups, a series where I wrap up my month in books and movies, within the first week of the next month.


August was a fairly decent reading month, considering all the things that were going on (adjusting to the new job, having family over, and preparing for a big move in September). I completed 3 books, and have made a good amount of progress with the 4th and 5th, one of which I am finding slightly more tedious to get through, but I’ll come to that later, in another post maybe. Right now, let’s tackle this chronologically.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Harry-Potter-and-the-Cursed-ChildSince this one released on the 31st of July – this was the book that I obviously had to start the month with. Yes, had to. I have done a full spoiler free review of this one here, and I definitely recommend this book to all Potterheads.

Yes, the play-script format was not the best, but I got used to it, and it really did not bother me as much as it seemed to have bothered many others.

As far as the plot is concerned – I found it to be an acceptable and enjoyable continuation of the story, though there were some minor plot holes, annoying plot devices, and character inconsistencies, which were disappointing for a Harry Potter book, but ah well.

Oh and then there was Panju – which, I don’t even want to elaborate on here – as it makes me angry all over again, but you can read about it in the review here.

Nonetheless, it was a very nostalgic experience to see the old crew again, in a much beloved setting, and on the whole, I did enjoy the story and the reading experience.

Pssstt…Rumor has it that this one will soon be made into a movie – which is the best bookish news I have heard in a long time! And yes, I am biased, but still. I know this one will make a fantabulous (yes, fantabulous!) movie. I am SO eager to see this play out on the big screen, that I can barely wait. Though I hope they retain the same cast of characters (minus Severus Snape of-course, which I know would not be possible. ? )

Update: That rumor was dismissed by Warner Bros, and it broke my heart. But I am hoping against hope that someone does get this to the big screen, and soon. #Optimism

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (Amazon) | Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (Flipkart)

Blog Post Ideas: 21 Proven Ways to Create Compelling Content and Kiss Writer’s Block Goodbye 

blog-post-ideasThis one was quite an odd pick for me. I typically don’t gravitate towards such books, or even blog posts for that matter. The only reason being – I am almost never short of ideas for posts; I am just eternally short of time. Now, if there was a book/post/podcast on time management – that is something that I would be more likely to pick up.

Nonetheless – a friend recommended it, and I decided to give it a shot, though I was really really skeptical. But as I made progress with it – I realized one thing – this one did not have the most path-breaking ideas – but it had so many of them – that I found it hard to read this – and not write, not blog.

So while I did not use these exact ideas (though they were very good), I felt extremely motivated to tackle my backlog with a vengeance.

Which is why, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to blog, but is either short of ideas or time. Because if you are short of ideas – this one has those in abundance, and if you are short of time – this one will fill you with enough inspiration to get off your butt and start making the time.

Blog Post Ideas (Amazon) 

Rescued by Love

rescued-by-loveThis book was not on my radar for this month, but I picked this up, because I was reading a particularly unsettling, but awesome (yeah, go figure!) book, and romance is the best possible happy diversion for me. I pick it [romances] up to tide me through difficult books, stressful times etc.

This one was the first one I read by this author, and I quite liked it. It fulfilled my expectations from a romance. There were a couple of character motivations that I could not understand, but honestly, I never really scrutinize character motives in a romance. I mean, unless it directly hampers the main plot, and in this one – it does not. Also, these are smaller/side characters that I am talking about, so it wasn’t a big deal.

The romance was enjoyable, and in a (very) different setting than I am used to reading, which was refreshing. I would certainly check out another book by this author.

Rescued by Love (Amazon) | Rescued by Love (Flipkart)


Big Stone Gap

big-stone-gapThis movie –  the only reason I decided to watch it was because when I logged on to Netflix, this one was right on the home screen, and while I really wanted to watch a movie that night, I was in no mood to browse and select.

Which is how, I ended up seeing this one, and which is why, I had no idea that this was a book to movie adaptation. Nonetheless, I don’t think I would have ever gotten to this book, so just as well that I saw the movie.

At first sight, this one did not seem to be my type. As I got through the first half hour, I was convinced that this was most definitely not my usual type at all. But for some reason, I could not stop watching. At that time, I chalked it down to laziness, but now, in hindsight, I know – it wasn’t that – this movie had a certain irresistible charm.

And honestly, it is difficult to pinpoint what is it exactly about this movie. The plot/story and the acting – while good, is nothing out of the ordinary. But that’s just it, I think – this movie is able to capture the charm in the ordinary and mundane.

It’s about a simple girl, and the small town in which she has lived all her life. It has romance, and it has its genuinely hilarious moments, but I would not call it a romantic comedy. It’s more of a feel-good romance, which is heartfelt and homey – something that puts a warm smile on your face.

So, if you are looking for the screen equivalent of comfort food, I would certainly recommend this one. You can check out the trailer here – Big Stone Gap.

This is it from my end, guys. Have you read any of these books or watched this movie? Any others that you recently read/watched that you really enjoyed? Do share! I would love to hear from you!


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  1. I read the Cursed Child too and found it way too different from the others. I didn’t quite come away awed. And the Punju, of course, how very very lazy. I liked the idea of not scrutinising motives in romances – makes sense – they should be read simply for the pleasure of reading a good romance. The film sounds good too. I think I might like to check out the book first.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Celebrating Differences – A Book ReviewMy Profile

  2. Lata Sunil says:

    I would rather wait for the movie to get acquainted with Harry Potter. I have read HP Books 1, 2 and the last one. Rest I have watched the movie and though not as good as the books, they are still good enough.

    After a long time I had enjoyed reading an Indian romance. I hope Shilpa Suraj comes up with more books. She is quite underestimated.

  3. I need to read talk to you and hope you will. I’m not a Potterhead. I’m now tempted to start. 😉
    The book on blog post ideas, sounds a decent deal. I’m the same with time. Ideas – I do have like you.
    How is the job going on? Are you liking the change? Tell me more 🙂
    Parul recently posted…A mirror and that reflectionMy Profile

  4. Oh no not really excited about Harry potter movie. I wasnt really enthralled with the book, so the movie.. well … not really hopeful. HAvent read Shipa Suraj yet. MAybe I should add it to my to be raid list.!!!!!

  5. Boy, have you been busy, or what!!! 🙂
    I want to confess something, in fact, you might be knowing it already: I have NOT READ a single Harry Potter book! hehe, yes, what to do, I just can’t get myself to pick it up at the book shop! But, I guess, I ought to read at least one in my life time, no? Else, (according to Potter fans) my life will be a waste!
    Liked the reviews, Shan. Hope I am able to do such reviews some day! <3

  6. Okay, so I’ll Harry Potter a skip and hone in on your other recommendations, Shantala. I think I’ll enjoy Big Stone Gap – Whoopi and ‘Dharma’ are enough to draw me in. 🙂
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…Teaching And Blogging #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  7. Great going. Another HP movie!! oh I can’t wait to see it on screen too 😀
    I loved the 21 blogpost ideas ebook… very helpful and informative. I haven’t read or watched the other two. Will check it 🙂
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…The love for InversionsMy Profile

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