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Beauty and The Beast Movies – My Thoughts

I recently saw both Beauty and The Beast Movies; the animated 1991 Disney movie, as well as the 2017 one starring Emma Watson, and this post is essentially a fan girl ramble about these two adorable versions of one of my favorite fairy tales.

Now I want to believe that every one, every single soul knows what Beauty and The Beast is about, but I am past making assumptions like that since I found out that my hubby had never seen (or even heard about) F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

So here’s a quick summary for the uninitiated –

Beauty & The Beast – A Summaryย 

An arrogant young prince falls under the spell of an enchantress, who was treated very poorly by him, when she sought his help disguised as an old lady. To teach the prince a lesson, she turns him into a hideous Beast until he learns to love and earns the love of another. But there is a catch – he has to do this in his current Beastly form, and before an enchanted rose sheds its final petal.

Enter: Belle, the village beauty, and head bookworm. She comes into the Beast’s enchanted castle to rescue her father, who was imprisoned by the Beast for trespassing on his property, and offers to take her father’s place.

For the rest – watch the movie. Or even better – read the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now on to my thoughts about the two versions.

Beauty & The Beast – Movie Review

First things first, I am not a huge fan of animated movies. I have to push myself to watch them with my 5 year old, and yes sometimes I do end up liking them, but most times I can barely tolerate them, though I do it anyway, because my son wants company.

Having said that, the Beauty & the Beast 1991 animated version is a class apart. Okay there is a slight possibility that I am biased, because this movie represents my childhood, so it has nostalgic value.

But even outside of that, the 1991 Version was also the first ever animated movie to get an Oscar nomination for ‘Best Picture’. So you see, I wasn’t really exaggerating when I said it was a class apart.

Now there are things that I love about both the movies, or in this instance I should say about the story itself, because my absolute favorite thing about the tale (outside of the subtle yet powerful message of – ‘true beauty lies within’) is cast of characters – the lovely spirited Belle, who was light years ahead of her time, the complex, yet vulnerable Beast, and the adorable supporting cast, which were basically a wide assortment of walking talking household items (the Prince’s servants transformed under the curse).

Also the songs! I can’t believe that I am this obsessed over the songs of a children’s movie. I loved many of them, from Something There to Be Our Guest, but the title track is hands down my favorite. In fact I dare you to not fall under the spell of ‘Tale as Old as Time‘.

I am completely obsessed, so much so that I have taken to random crooning of ‘Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme – Beauty & The Beast’ all around the house as I go about my daily chores. My 5 year old gives me the oddest look when he witnesses these random musical episodes, but then follows it up with a wide grin. I don’t think I want to know what he thinks of the whole situation.

Now, as far as the 2017 version goes, I was completely hooked right from the time I saw theย first-look trailer over a year back featuring Emma Watson. I adore that girl! She already played a literary character I loved, now she plays two of my favorite iconic female leads – Hermione and Belle.

The 2017 movie is by and large a very faithful adaptation, which is awesome, because I treasure my favorites too much to be okay with huge modifications to the script in the name of ‘creative liberty’.

Of-course there were small changes, for instance in this version the enchantress is a much more significant character, who keeps making mysterious appearances during key plot points. This adaptationย also explored Belle’s mother’s backstory, which was interesting to watch.

But I believe the most significant change came at the very end, when the last petal did fall off before Belle confessed her love for the Prince. It was heartbreaking to see the castle crew turn into inanimate objects. But worry not, this was obviously just a detour on the path to happily-ever-after!

All in All: 2 terrific adaptations of the iconic tale, and I wouldย highly recommend you to check out both these versions. Also, while I usually don’t recommend keeping DVD’s of movies at home, because well minimalism, and the fact that I myself amย very selective with which DVDs I actually stock- you should definitely have at-least one of these versions.

You can get them here –

Beauty and The Beast (1991 Animated) | Beauty and The Beast (2017 Live-Action)

That’s all from my end folks. I would love to hear from you guys. I am sure most of you have watched one or both of these movies. Do you prefer one over the other? Or like me love them both equally? Do share.ย 


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  1. Wonderful review, as usual! I’m definitely going to watch this one!!
    Ruchi Singh recently posted…Kasauli – Just ChillMy Profile

  2. I saw the new movie few weeks back and absolutely loved the beast. The songs were lovely… Although I found the dinner song and Gaston song too long for my liking. Overall, enjoyed watching it ?I will try to find the older version too.

    • Yeah they were long indeed. But I liked the dinner song for the visual affects. The Gaston one I did not like at all, mostly because I did not care about what happened to him. ๐Ÿ˜› But I do see why that song was required, as it showed his level of influence in their society, which then explains why they all decided to follow him when he wanted to go kill the Beast.

      And yes, do check out the 1991 animated version as well. You will not regret it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Shanaya Tales recently posted…Beauty and The Beast Movies – My ThoughtsMy Profile

  3. Ohh I haven’t seen the new version yet. Reading this has made me badly want to watch it. Thanks for the review. Such a lovely tale isn’t it ? <3 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dashy recently posted…The RaceMy Profile

  4. Agree with you. Fabulous movie!
    Summerita recently posted…#Review Writing a Book a week by Alex FosterMy Profile

  5. Great Insight Madam…

  6. I love the movie though I have just seen the animated version. Will watch the other one soon, I am Emma’s fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m a strange person. I rarely watch Disney movies although I saw Aladdin (then on VHS cassette) with my then-two year son about 2,143 times and never grew tired of it. I would watch it right now if it came on television. So I can understand how you feel about “Beauty and the Beast”. I did read the fairy tale long ago – it is a lovely story.

  8. I never got to see the new version but I loved the old one.. and yes, I absolutely STILL get goosebumps when they start crooning “tale as old as time…”
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…On finding Real-Life Heroes from All Over the World #AtoZKindnessMy Profile

  9. I’ve just read the book, yet to watch the movie.

    After this I might as well even though I’m not a huge fan of animated stuff. Except the minions, of course ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I have missed this movie in the theatres but shall order online soonest – its one of my favouritest fairy tales and I adore the animated version. Agree with you on Emma Watson being the pull for me too here!
    Your LO is being entertained – wouldnt it be awesome to peek into head and see what he thinks of your musical interludes ๐Ÿ˜‰
    SHALINI BAISIWALA recently posted…The struggle ends when Gratitude begins!!My Profile

  11. I haven’t seen the live action version yet, but I can’t imagine that it would ever come close to supplanting the animated version in my heart. That movie is SO a part of my life, and I will never cease wanting that library Belle and the Beast have at their castle. The perfect library, truly.
    Jenny @ Reading the End recently posted…Reading the End Bookcast, Ep. 81: Music Reviews Game and Hari Kunzruโ€™s White TearsMy Profile

  12. Oh I love Emma Watson too and I loved her in the film. And the Beast was wonderful too. Like you said the side-characters were a treat. This is one film I’d like to watch second time round. Getting the DVD is a good idea. Fabulous review Shantala.

  13. I remember watching the animated version as a child; haven’t watched the current one but wouldn’t mind once it’s out on DVD or Netflix just for Emma Watson. I have a huge girl-crush on her ๐Ÿ™‚ Beauty and the beast in general — not a fan of the story and must confess I don’t remember any of the songs! ๐Ÿ˜›

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