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Book Blogger Appreciation Week: The Introduction Day!

Hey guys! Today is the first day of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW), which is hosted by Estella Society (You can read more about it here).

This is my first time participating, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am always on the lookout for new book bloggers to follow, and fellow book lovers to connect with, on the books that we read and love – so this event is a Godsend for me!


Bookish Beginnings:

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read. Books are my escape, and my therapy of choice. However, the book/series that actually got me into reading consistently was – The Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling. Hogwarts was the first non-existent place that I have ever felt homesick for. Which is why, this series occupies a special place in my heart, and I will continue to love this book /series beyond logic and/or reason.

The genres that I love, and the one I avoid:

I read a very eclectic mix of genres from Literary Fiction to Romance to Mysteries to Sci-Fi to Young Adult to Indian Historical Fiction to Non-Fiction (Memoirs).

The one genre that I avoid is Horror. Mostly because, like I mentioned here, I have a very complex relationship with ghosts – while I don’t believe in them, I am very scared of them. Contradiction, I know! But it is what it is, and as much as I love reading, I also value my peace of my mind, and a good night’s sleep, which is not haunted by these phantoms!

Also, in-spite of professing my undying love for the Harry Potter Series, I have not read much fantasy outside of this book/series. It is not that I have avoided the genre consciously, nothing really caught my eye – until recently that is, when I came across the Lunar Chronicles Series, and now I can’t wait to read Cinder – this book/series seems to be right up alley!

Bookish Bingo for 2016:

This year, I created a Bookish Bingo to track my reading, and ensure that I stick to my goal of balance and diversity in my reading. You can read more about it here, and also check out my tentative picks for the categories of Bingo here.


I would love to hear from you guys. What was the book/series that got you into reading? Which are your favorite genres to read? Do you have a genre (or two) that you avoid? What are your reading goals for this year? Looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comments!

Lots of Love


  1. Wow! this looks like a fantastic activity & I am heading to check out all the details right away.
    I loved the idea of creating a Bingo to have a guided reading plan rather than simply picking books based on recommendations.
    I am with you on not having read much of the Fantasy genre but for me Historical books are also an unexplored genre.
    With the next book in the Harry Potter series rumored to release mid-2016 I think I need to make room for more fantasy in my read.
    My current favorite genre is non-fiction though I was crazy for thrillers & romance earlier.
    My Era recently posted…Small JoysMy Profile

  2. I started reading only because of Enid Blyton! She made my childhood so much more exciting 😀
    Of course Harry Potter series helped me transition into my imaginative, creative teenage self.

    I have stopped reading as much as I used to, but I have set a goal of 20 books this year, I really hope I cross it! 🙂
    Pooja recently posted…Love re-connection!My Profile

  3. Lata Sunil says:

    This is such a fabulous idea. I just missed it. But I will follow your posts over the week (which I anyways do:) )

  4. Like I said Harry Potter is a great place to start Shantala. A Book Blogger Appreciation Week is the coolest idea. Can we still sign up?
    Obsessivemom recently posted…When I look in the mirror, I see..My Profile

  5. Hello Shantala, I’m fairly new to your blog. It’s the love of reading that made me land up on your lovely space. This is an awesome post. Bookish Bingo sounds super amazing. It is a best way to keep track of what we read and by sticking to this diversity in reading can be accomplished. This year I’m doing pop sugar’s 2016 reading challenge which is kinda similar to your bookish bingo. Would you hate me if I say that I like Horror … 😛 As you mentioned, I don’t believe in ghosts as well. But I can be so sure that I’m in a safe place tucked in my bed while reading horror books. It’s just that my brain says that I’m safe in the fictional horror world.
    Now to answer your questions..
    When someone asks me what got you into reading, I’m probably wondering the same. I don’t remember which book got me into reading, but my journey with reading started with picture books.
    My Ultimate favorite Genres are Psychological Thrillers and Mystery-Thrillers. Story builds up slowly with tension brewing as we go page by page.
    Although my fav are Psychological thrillers, I read variety of books ranging from Literary fiction, fantasy, Contemporary romance and Non-fiction. I usually tend to avoid super religious books, since that is not my cup of tea.
    I’m really glad to have found a fellow blogger who is interested in books. I’m looking forward to have many more bookish conversations with you. 🙂
    Honey Bee recently posted…Weekend with BeeMy Profile

    • Hehehe..no of-course not, I don’t hate you for loving horror. I wish I can handle the genre better. I am trying to experiment with paranormal, and such, but full-fledged horror – not yet. Someday maybe. 🙂 I love psychological thrillers too, but haven’t read any in a long time. Hoping to change that with some Gillian Flynn this year.

      Thank you for stopping by. It is wonderful connecting with you. 🙂
      Shanaya Tales recently posted…Book Blogger Appreciation Week: The Introduction Day!My Profile

  6. I probably made this clear when I retweeted you, but I loooove what you say about Hogwarts being the only fictional place you’ve ever felt homesick for. What a lovely image!

    If there’s a genre I tend to avoid, it’s probably memoirs — I enjoy reading them (sometimes a lot!), but I also get anxious about whether the person’s friends-and-relations have read the memoir too and are okay with what’s being said about them.

  7. I’d have the Lunar Chronicles on my list too.

  8. Harry Potter didn’t get me in to reading, but it does define a large part of my reading in childhood and also featured on my list. I love how you’ve interrupted this prompt and the book bingo looks fun!

  9. Harry Potter was the first real book my husband read–and while he’s still not a reader, we both think of the series very fondly! I’ve always been a reader, but when I was a high school senior I was assigned Wuthering Heights and it changed the way that I looked at and read literature. I credit it for my becoming an English Major and having a lifelong relationship with books!

    Love that Bingo card. So fun!

  10. Oooh, I like what you’ve done with your own variation of Bookish Bingo. That’s a very cool way to choose what you read next. The book/series that got me into reading? The Lord of the Rings. Favorite genres: crime fiction, biographies. Genres that I avoid: Science fiction (used to like but just can’t get into anymore) and horror (although I did read a lot of Stephen King as a teen).

  11. Oh that bookish bingo looks like so much fun. Love the concept!

  12. Behold! I have arrived with my long, long comment!! 😀

    When the talk is about books, I always contribute.

    So, the book that got me into reading was, well, silly as it sounds, Sleeping Beauty, which I read in the first grade when the teacher stepped out for a few minutes 😀 I realized then that I did not want anyone to read me stories any more (everyone at home used to), but that I wanted to read them myself. I also realized while the rest of the class was chattering away, I was perfectly happy with my nose in a story (in a text book, no less!)

    The genre I usually avoid is fluff romance. I am ok if romance is a part of a larger story – in fact I love romances that are a part of a larger story. I also avoid contemporary YA because most look like they’ve been written to make a quick buck or something. Also, I broke both of these rules when I read (and loved) Eleanor & Park recently.
    Much like you, I haven’t explored a lot of fantasy, just HP, LoTR and DT.

    This year, I started out with the goal of finishing all of Stephen King’s novels. But I don’t think that’s happening, because interestingly so far romance has been prominent in the books I read! So I’ve abandoned all goals and decided to read what I get 😀
    Sreesha recently posted…Bengal Nights, by Mircea Eliade (Translation: Catherine Spencer)My Profile

  13. Are you sure you don’t believe in ghosts? Smile

    Mary Higgins Clark is the author that got me into reading and loving mysteries and thrillers. I generally stay away from YA, they are just not for me and if I do choose one I always choose well.
    Tea Time with Marce recently posted…Day 1 – Book Bloggers Appreciation WeekMy Profile

  14. I love your Bingo card. Such a clever idea. Harry Potter is a great favorite of mine. Don’t think I could tell you which book got me into reading because it was such a long time ago – Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham perhaps. LOL

    I’m a mystery lover and that is the bulk of my reading, but I do branch out to other things.
    Kay recently posted…Book Blogger Appreciation Week – About Me…My Profile

  15. The Lunar Chronicles is awesome! Such a fun series. I love your Bingo!

  16. I can’t remember when I didn’t love reading. Early on, I read lots of animal stories about dogs and horses. I couldn’t get enough of them.

  17. I love ghost stories but hate books with devils or demons! I definitely have trouble sleeping if I read about them. 🙂

    Good luck with your BINGO! My only goal this year is to read my own books from my shelves and my TBR. I’m hoping to get through 80 of them and have a cleaner house. Haha!

  18. I think you’ll love CINDER! It’s SF, so it’s got a different overall feel from the Harry Potter books, but it does a lot of similar things with how it reworks well-known myths within a new setting.
    Memory recently posted…BBAW Day One: IntroductionsMy Profile

  19. Oh yeah, Hogwarts made me feel very homesick too. I was so sad that the series has ended and excited that they are at least publishing the script of Cursed Child.

    Also, love your Bingo card – what a great way to read some diverse books.
    Athira recently posted…5 Books that Define Me (sort of) | BBAW Day 1My Profile

  20. I just realised that I’ve yet to comment on your blog itself! I love your Bookish Bingo and look forward to your updates on how you do with it as the year goes by. I always starat out enthusiastic about reading challenges and that fetters out after six months or so!

  21. I admit that I haven’t read the Harry Potter books, but I’ve seen (and own) all the movies, and I completely agree about Hogwarts!

  22. I can’t attribute my reading bug to any particular book or series, but I know that Roald Dahl books and the Redwall series were some of the staples of my childhood.
    Love your personalized book bingo – brave soul to read a book about American politics during an election year. I don’t read many books on that subject but Game Change (about the 2008 US presidential election) was gossipy and fun.

  23. Hi Shantala, I am so happy to have discovered your blog. And, I can’t take my eyes off the bingo. What a lovely idea it is! Have a great BBAW. 🙂

  24. Homesick for Hogwarts – Love it!
    Such a fantastic series!

  25. I love your Bingo card. I try to be well rounded with my reading but YA usually wins. I’m working in it though. No horror books? I don’t seek them out but I don’t mind a good scary story from time to time.

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