Jan 24

The Trouble with Rating Books | Diary of a Book Blogger

It has been a long time since my last book review (which was The Time Traveler’s Wife, over 2 months back). This is not because I have not read any books since then. I have read quite a few, and I have enjoyed most of them. However, I have been hesitant to review them,  mostly […]

Dec 14

Do external factors influence your opinion of a book? | Diary of A Book Blogger 

If you have read the announcement post, you know that this is the first post of a new series, where all of us bookish folk can chat about all things books. 😀 Even if you missed that post, you know now. 🙂 Today’s topic is a question that I have turned over in my mind several times, […]

Dec 11

New Series Announcement – Diary of a Book Blogger #BlogAnnouncement

Today, I am very excited to announce a new series on my blog titled – Diary of A Book Blogger. This is something that has been on mind for the past several months, and is finally going to kick off on the blog coming Monday. Here is the thing, while I enjoy reading, reviewing and […]

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