Jan 15

My Quarterly Goals for the First Quarter of 2018 #ChattyBlogs January Linky

Hi everyone, as promised, I am back with my first Quarterly Goals post of 2018. In case you are new to my blog or this segment, here’s a quick summary of what this Quarterly Goals series is about – Every quarter, I set between 10-20 goals for myself (which span several areas of my life) […]

Dec 15

Quarterly Goals Update + Food Blog Sneak Peek #ChattyBlogs December Linky

I know this is like a super-delayed 3rd quarter update, considering that we are pretty much at the end of the 4th and final quarter of the year, but I just had to put this out there before the end of this year, so that I can start 2018 with a clean slate, and not […]

Nov 15

2 Books I Skipped to Watch Their Screen Adaptations #ChattyBlogs November Linky

I know that many book lovers consider it to be a cardinal sin to watch the screen adaptation before reading the book. However this post is not about that. It’s really about books I intentionally skipped (I am sure this sounds worse, but hear me out) for watching their screen adaptations, either because I just […]

Oct 15

A Glimpse Into My Life – October 2017 #ChattyBlogs October Linky

This is the kind of post I’ve been meaning to do/write from some time now, but you know procrastination – yadda yadda yadda. And I say ‘kind of’, because originally I was planning to do a ‘Day In The Life‘ Post, but then I changed my mind, as I felt that this current format will […]

Sep 3

Catch-Up Over Coffee #3 | #ChattyBlogs September Linky

It’s been a long time since I did a random chatty post. I mean of-course I host the #ChattyBlogs linky every single month, but if you’ve noticed, it’s never a random ramble-y post. I almost always focus on a particular topic, whether it is about me going through the blogger version of an existential crisis, […]

Aug 7

Indian Authors in American Libraries | #ChattyBlogs August Linky

Last week I decided to do a little bookshelf clean-out, and while I was sorting through the books I wanted to keep, and the ones I wanted to pass on, I found myself in a dilemma of sorts. So I thought why not ask for the public opinion on this one, as I am sure […]

Jul 2

Reading Goals 2017 – Mid-Year Update | #ChattyBlogs July Linky

The middle of the year is here, which means it’s time for the half-yearly check-in on my reading goals. Now as I write this, I haven’t yet taken stock, but I have a fair idea of what is to come, and I don’t think it’s going to be very pretty, as I have had a […]

Jun 4

Blogger Version of Existential Crisis #ChattyBlogs – June Linky

Okay, I know the title of this post may sound pretty drastic, but if you hear me out, you’ll possibly agree that it’s the best way to put what I am going through. It’s something that has been on my mind for quite some time, but I have never found the right words to express […]

May 7

On Breaking Away from Being ‘Too Busy’ #ChattyBlogs -May Linky

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you must have heard the 100 million times I have mentioned being too busy or too rushed with too much to do in too little time. If I hadn’t written those blog posts, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this pattern, but when I put it down in […]

Jan 30

Catch-Up Over Coffee #2 (Blog Birthday, Shanaya Tales ‘Birth Story’ + #ChattyBlogs Linky)

Hola folks! As you may have figured out from the overly long post title, this is the very first #ChattyBlogs linky, which just happens to be on the two year anniversary (or is it the birthday? 2nd birthday?) of Shanaya Tales. Speaking of which, I feel like this (the blog birthday) would be the perfect […]

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