Feb 9

Valentine’s Day for Toddlers! – Why does this exist?!

Last week I got an email from my son’s preschool titled – ‘Valentine’s Day List’, and the content of that email contained the list of names of my preschooler’s 18 classmates, and that’s it – no explanation whatsoever. I was at a loss, as to what this meant, mostly because, this is the first year […]

Nov 9

Diwali in USA | A normal Diwali, our festivities, and keeping India alive in America

If I had to pick a time of year that I miss being in India, it would most certainly be during this festival of lights called Diwali. Sure, I would like to celebrate all festivals with my family, but during Diwali, it is not just the family I miss. I miss walking out on my […]

Jul 27

Changes and Priorities

Hi Guys, It has been almost 3 weeks since I last showed up here, and I have missed it so much. The most important reason for this absence was our move in July. We moved across states in US, and all the packing- unpacking-cleaning, consumed my every waking hour. However to be really honest, that […]

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