Jun 22

How To Help Your Child ‘Read’ 1000 Books Before Kindergarten

You all know how much I love to read, but there is one more thing I love just as much, and that is structure & organization. Now this could take many forms, but the thing that I use the most to bring structure (and also some sanity) in my life are Lists! I make all sorts […]

May 30

My kid would never fall into a gorilla pit..and other lies we tell ourselves.

This past weekend,  a terribly unfortunate incident was reported at the Cincinnati Zoo – a four year old boy fell into the Gorilla enclosure, and the Zoo authorities had to shoot the Gorilla to save the boy’s life. When I heard about this news item for the first time, I myself was at D.C.’s Smithsonian National Zoo with […]

Feb 9

Valentine’s Day for Toddlers! – Why does this exist?!

Last week I got an email from my son’s preschool titled – ‘Valentine’s Day List’, and the content of that email contained the list of names of my preschooler’s 18 classmates, and that’s it – no explanation whatsoever. I was at a loss, as to what this meant, mostly because, this is the first year […]

Nov 9

Diwali in USA | A normal Diwali, our festivities, and keeping India alive in America

If I had to pick a time of year that I miss being in India, it would most certainly be during this festival of lights called Diwali. Sure, I would like to celebrate all festivals with my family, but during Diwali, it is not just the family I miss. I miss walking out on my […]

Aug 31

First Day of Preschool | The First Day of the next 18 plus years. Sniff.

The day that I was looking forward to with equal parts of anxiety and anticipation has finally dawned. The change that I had mentioned in my post Changes & Priorities is here. Today I sent little D for his first day of pre-school. Actually as I write this, he is still at school, and my mind is running around in circles […]

Apr 30

A Child-like Zest For Life #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

‘Z is for Zest | Positive & Inspired Living A to Z’ Have you ever noticed when some people walk into a room, the energy level of that room goes up a couple of notches? Sometimes a person’s sunny personality brightens even the gloomiest person’s mood. I know a few people like that. They bring […]

Apr 29

Yelling Less : The Journey Within – by Shailaja Vishwanath @shyvish #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

Today, I am very happy to welcome a very dear friend, Shailaja, to my space. I came across her parenting blog a couple of month’s back, and the first thing that caught my attention was the Yelling Less counter on the sidebar. It read over 150+ yell free days  at that point. 150+ days since […]

Apr 14

Learning from our Kids #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

‘L is for Learning | Positive & Inspired Living A to Z’ A couple of days ago, I was going about my household chores, when I opened a door, and it knocked down my 3 year old who was playing behind it (Don’t worry it wasn’t a big fall, and the floor is carpeted). It […]

Apr 6

Encouraging Phrases for Kids #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

‘E is for Encourage | Positive & Inspired Living A to Z’ I pride myself in having a fairly large vocabulary. However, while interacting with my toddler, I realize that most of my verbal communication with him, comprises of just three words/phrases –   STOP!  DON’T DO THAT!  NO! So much so that NO will […]

Mar 6


“I treat my daughter just like my son.” “She is not my daughter, she is my son.” If you are not an Indian, the above statements may sound odd. However, if you are an Indian, you have heard this over and over again. Many of us (Indians) will not find anything wrong with the above […]

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