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A Glimpse Into My Life – October 2017 #ChattyBlogs October Linky

This is the kind of post I’ve been meaning to do/write from some time now, but you know procrastination – yadda yadda yadda. And I say ‘kind of’, because originally I was planning to do a ‘Day In The Life‘ Post, but then I changed my mind, as I felt that this current format will do more justice to my reason for doing this sort of post in the first place, which is essentially to capture my life at different points of time.

You see, we change and evolve so much over the years/decades, that at times our own life (from some years ago) seems almost unrecognizable to us. There are times when I come across some of my old photographs/videos and I think – wow I can’t believe I wore that, or did that, or I thought like that, or that was so important to me.

But you know even these kind of ‘insightful’ photos/clips are few and far in between. Most of the photos and videos (at-least the ones that I have) are of major events where we are all posing just to mark our attendance, so to speak.

So you see with this kind of post – I’m essentially giving myself another way to ‘look back’, by creating my own customized rear-view mirror of sorts, which captures the memories of the ‘mundane highlights’ (yes, that is a thing, I tell you) of my life.

Anyway, after that longish intro, let’s finally get on with it.

Pretty Little Liars

You would think that after such a passionate intro, the first item on my list would be something more significant than a TV show, but trust me there is a reason this has the top slot. These days, watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix is almost an addiction for me, as I am filling every small and large window of my free time with catching up on the show.

Okay, who am I kidding? Honestly I am ‘creating’ free time to catch-up on the show by procrastinating work, household chores, and even reading. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be doing it, but trust me I don’t know how to stop with this one.

And anyway I feel like we all need some mindless breaks every now and then. Though probably next time I shouldn’t take a break that is 7 seasons long!


But guys, if you aren’t like me, and have better self-control when it comes to TV shows, you should check out this one. It’s the adaptation of the Pretty Little Liars book series, and revolves around the lives of 4 friends, who are dealing with threats from an anonymous foe – ‘A’, even as the mystery of their best friend’s death unravels around them – at-least that is how it all begins.

Oh and in case you are wondering – I haven’t read the book series, I decided to skip it when I heard there are 16 books in the series. And now judging by my reaction/addiction to the show, I am glad I did not start with the books, because they would take forever to get through – a bigger time investment than marathoning the show on Netflix – and the latter has already thrown off my work-life-TVshow balance.

Link: Pretty Little Liars (Book Series) | Pretty Little Liars (TV Show)

Home Decor 

When we bought our house last year, I thought we’d not rush, and take a whole year to completely decorate it. In hindsight, that sounds ridiculous, because here we are one year later, and though we have made considerable progress, we are nowhere near the finish line when it comes to home furnishing and decor.

Though I must say that I am doing better with furniture than with wall art. In-fact finding good wall art has been the biggest challenge so far. Either the piece is not great, or it’s not a good fit.

Also, most wall art that I come across is either abstract splash of paint, or flowers – in many different colors, but that is all. I’m possibly not looking in the right places, but I’ve looked at many places, and have exhausted my list at-least. So if you guys have any suggestions, please share them with me.


But while we are on the subject, I must say that last week I did have a breakthrough of sorts – I found my very first piece that I absolutely loved, and bought it immediately. And interestingly it came from a place that I had never expected to find wall art from – Amazon.

The Krishna Panel Painting (picture above) is vibrant & beautiful, and makes me smile every time I walk across it in the living room. So yay for breakthroughs! 😀

Link: Krishna Canvas 4 Panel Painting

That is all from my end for now. I would love to hear from you guys. Are there any TV shows that you are addicted to? Wait, don’t give me suggestions. I am almost at the end of this series, and I really need to catch up with life before I dive head-first into my next addiction. 😀 But do tell me how do you guys handle your addictions? I really could use help in that department.  😀 

Also, how do you guys go about home decor? Do you feel like you need to have the whole home decor thing done at one go? Or do you choose to wait till you find the perfect piece that complements your house/style? Oh and if you live in the US, please leave me suggestions of where you shop for wall art from. It would really help me out.


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  1. I completely relate to the taking a break and watching something to while away the time 😉 I started on ‘Big Little Lies’. Thankfully that’s only one season long! Seen 4 episodes and yet to finish the remaining episodes but damn, it’s addictive! I say do whatever makes you happy right now. That’s it 🙂

    As for the wall decor that looks simply splendid! What a beautiful rush of colour. Don’t talk about home decor. It’s been 8 months and we haven’t put up a single painting yet 😛 They are all neatly wrapped and inside a cupboard. What to do!

    On my front, I successfully moved both blogs to HTTPS (whew!) and have started a new intention as of yesterday. More in my linked post. Was waiting for this linky to open 😀

    Also, YAY! Good to have you back 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Shifting perspective: Why we should create more than we consumeMy Profile

  2. Hi Shantala, I’ve heard lots about PLL but haven’t watched it yet. I think I will now that I’ve read your post. I LOVE Gilmore Girls and probably could binge on that even though I’ve seen every episode multiple times. Right now,I’m hooked on This Is Us.
    As for art, ooooh, that is lovely what you’ve chosen! I love all the color. I suggest looking online for artists who’s work you love. They often sell prints of their originals that are less costly. One artist I can think of who’s work is stunning is Teli Duncan. She’s an LA based artist and specializes in beach and pool scenes. That may not be your vibe but for every wonderful artist out there, they usually sell off their website.
    lisa thomson recently posted…It’s Never Too EarlyMy Profile

  3. I didn’t watch that series on Netflix but I liked ‘the crown’, the reign’ and I am currently addicted to ‘Grey’s anatomy’. That Krishna wall painting is beautiful.
    Ramya recently posted…The treasured memories of DiwaliMy Profile

  4. Oh now this was indeed chatty!!:-)
    I also got addicted to a TV series and thats Big little lies which I think is one sensational one, largely due to the cast and crew. I marathoned through it on HotStar as I couldnt contain my excitement; thankfully its a short one and man it was amazing!! I loved it and hoping there is a sesason 2! How often it happens that when you like a series like that, you wanna so much be a part of their lives as watching them everyday has in some ways entwined your life with theirs! Sounds idiotic but I am missing them a lot!!;-)
    I loved the wall art and cannot believe Amazon offers such stuff!! Its superb. I must tell my cousin who has been wanitng to decorate her house with stuff too and been wanting me to send her stuff from India. Take your time to do up the house- its a constant process and the easier you pace it out, the better you will kit it for then each piece you will buy will be well thought of .
    At one go, what generally happens is you tend to pick up stuff at whim and later regret it as you keep finding more beautiful pieces on your travel, etc. So just go with the flow and on your travels look out for artists or shops selling such stuff!!!
    SHALINI BAISIWALA recently posted…Come September!!! [ Gratitude Post ]My Profile

  5. Hey, I am a pro at procrastination too. I have finished watching PLL ( all the seasons). The show seemed silly at one point but then you are hooked. Have started watching ‘This is Us’ now, very different than PLL. If you liked PLL give Desperate Housewives a try,it is one of my favorite shows. ( Oops was I not meant to give suggestions 😉

  6. Breaks have to be a compulsory phenomenon in life, isn’t it? I took a break recently which lasted for 3 weeks. At the end of it, I just couldn’t wait to get back. I am not into watching TV series. Living in rented accommodation also absolves me from the task of doing interiors or wall art. I have convinced myself that I like bare white walls with only a wall clock for decoration 😀 But, the Krishna wall art is really beautiful. I am always fascinated by these types of wall art pieces.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…The illustrator’s alien #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  7. I think, I just invited the ghost of work-life imbalance in my life. Few minutes ago, I ordered Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch all the series on Amazon Prime and Netflix on TV. I am looking forward to watch Narcos, House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why (I have read the book) and check out missed episodes of Orange is the New Black, Madam Secretary. Will check out Pretty Little Liars.
    The wall painting looks rich and vibrant. I think, it’s better to do your home in a relaxed manner and pick up things that really would add warmth to your home. So you are doing great that way!
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali, Shantala!

  8. I haven’t seen the serial, but I am really not the serial watching type…let me correct that, I’m afraid I’ll get addicted, so don’t start what I can’t stop! 😉
    Love the colours of that wall art. Great piece!

  9. Glad to be here after a while, Shantala. I haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars. Right now watching Grey’s Anatomy, though I have recently finished watching it, now watching again for my husband’s sake.:) I like the CSI series. So far I have finished a lot of TV shows, I’m a bit ashamed to list all of them here actually. It’s just that it was easy to sit on the couch holding the baby, feeding him, comforting him, while the TV tries to entertain me in the background. Gilmore Girls is my favorite. Seen Braingames, The Flash and Supergirl with Kanna. Law and order, Criminal minds, Mysteries of Laura, Sherlock, made to the list last year. Of course Friends, How I met your mother and Big Bang theory are always just one remote away.
    We moved apartment in August. 8 haven’t even bothered to put up a few photos of ours on the walls yet. I am okay if I get a bit of uninterrupted shut eye, everything else can wait. 😀
    I forgot to link up with you last month, Shantala. Will join you this time. Have been missing reading you too.
    Vinitha recently posted…Nothing but a motherhood rant #writebravely #writetribeprobloggerMy Profile

  10. I’m going to start entering your linky 🙂
    Well I loved pretty little liars a lot! Too bad it’s over ☹️
    I think you are right we do change so much that few years back what we were might look strange to us

    • I know, right? Which is why, I hope this will serve as a time capsule. 😀

      And yeah, I was pretty bummed when PLL got over too. But hey, I heard that they are retaining some of the cast, and the same director , for a new show called The Perfectionists (I believe it’s an adaptation of another book series by the same author).
      Shanaya Tales recently posted…Wonder by R. J. Palacio – Movie ReviewMy Profile

  11. I havent read or watched Pretty little liars .Will check out the series.Adore the wall art .Its gorgeous!

  12. Oh man, the addiction of TV series is driving me nuts. First it was the Mentalist, then Narcos, now I am hooked to Castle. And you know what my reading is suffering. I must watch the series you mentioned only after I take a longish break after Castle. About home decor, it has been some time since I got something new except for smallish stuff say around Diwali etc.

    Good to hear from you.

  13. Seems like you’ve had quite a break from blogging – although can’t call it a break now, can we, because you seem to have had your plate full.
    Haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars – have heard from a few people that it’s quite good.
    So, will be sure to check it out.
    Sid recently posted…You, Me and UsMy Profile

  14. Nothing wrong with TV shows…haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars though. Currently have How I met your mother going but not totally immersed into it…I am trying to write more at the moment. Home decor looks good. Love the colours on the canvas. I can see why it makes you smile. At some point I’d love a big canvas too but mine’s more likely to be a beach or sunset
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…Book Review: Wonder by R. J. PalacioMy Profile

    • I think some shows are more immersive than the others. I have seen 30 rock and Parks & Rec, and neither of them were addictions I couldn’t get a handle on, though I did enjoy them quite a lot too. And then there are shows like Friday Night Lights, PLL, and Gilmore Girls – with them I have marathon binge watch sessions, because I keep wanting to watch just one more episode – which is clearly a trap.
      Shanaya Tales recently posted…Wonder by R. J. Palacio – Movie ReviewMy Profile

  15. Shruti Shankar says:

    Game of Thrones, if you don’t have a toddler at home, in that case, you would have to sneak into a corner and watch it. There was another series long ago I will hunt for the name. I was super addicted to that one. If you get a chance, do watch the Mahabharth series on Hotstar app, mind-blowing cast, and dialogues.

    • I have watched the old & the new Mahabharat – is this a more recent version? If yes, I will definitely check it out, because that is one saga I can never get enough of.

      And yes, Game of Thrones is definitely on my list – but I’m waiting for the series to be concluded, because I’m horrible at the waiting game.
      Shanaya Tales recently posted…Wonder by R. J. Palacio – Movie ReviewMy Profile

  16. I haven’t watched this series yet. Once I am done with Stranger things I will chexk this one.
    Trust me, take allllllll the time in thw world to decorate ypur house. We bought our house last year too… But now if I wnat to change the arrangements of furniture, it takes a lot of time as I have to move things everywhere. Take your time and enjoy this decoration phase. 😀
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…10 years later, 20 Kg heavierMy Profile

  17. This post has been open in my browser for over a week. Talk about procrastinating. 😛
    I haven’t watched this series but Narcos is what I am after these days. We haven’t really caught up but just started and so far it’s been good.
    I live in a rented apartment which is small (very small) and I have no room to try anything there. But if I have my own place, I will like you guys take it easy on the finishing and decor. I Love that painting. You are right that it’s vibrant and such a splash of colors.
    Parul Thakur recently posted…Gratitude List – October 2017My Profile

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