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Having a Vision #AtoZChallenge 2015 @AprilA2Z

‘V is for Vision | Positive & Inspired Living A to Z’


I have always been big on writing To-Do Lists. It helps me clear the chaos in my mind and focus. I pen down daily and weekly goals for the things I need to accomplish. This works for me as I have always thrived on routine and structure. Having said that, there are times when I get lost in the maze of my never ending To-Do’s, and start feeling un-inspired. More often than not, this happens when I have lost sight of the big picture or my ‘reason’. When I focus on my vision, it helps me stay on track and accomplish my goals.

Just like a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s rays and create a fire, if we focus our mind on our vision, it keeps us in the right field of attraction and helps us turn it into our reality.

A clear vision, I believe is like a good seed. If we choose it wisely, it will lead us to a harvest of our dreams coming true.

I would love to hear from you. Do you think that having a vision is important? Does it help you in accomplishing your goals?

Lots of Love


This post is written for the AtoZChallenge2015.


  1. I am not a to-do list person. But I have a vision for my life and tomorrows. Don’t know if it’s going to happen. But yes, it helops us to focus and determined to achieve our dreams. 🙂
    Sheethal recently posted…Veda …My Profile

  2. For sure! A direction or Even small goals help keep me focused. Lovely write up:-)
    Eli recently posted…V for ValuableMy Profile

  3. Yeah! Having a vision is very important.. or else it feels like you are roaming in the Triwizard Tournament labyrinth without an inkling about where the Cup is!
    I don’t write my to-do list.. I prefer Cortana on my Lumia! 🙂
    Mithila Menezes @Fabulus1710 recently posted…V for VoldemortMy Profile

  4. Vision is the fuel for our dreams

  5. Prasanna says:

    Having a vision is important for achieving your goal. Sometimes in the beginning the task may seem too huge to accomplish but when we break it down into smaller sub-tasks and plan on how to go about, it will feel more simpler. I love preparing lists of to-dos too but often fail to stick by it 🙂

  6. Very true. Hard work without focus will not yield the desired results.

  7. What a lovely post. I’m big on to do lists too. Without vision what’s really important gets squeezed out by urgent stuff.
    gulara recently posted…V is for VincentMy Profile

  8. There is a beautiful quote in the bible that says” where there is no vision, people perish” I also heard of another saying that says If a person with vision walks, the whole world moves aside giving way to accomplish. I believe having a vision makes a lot of difference. Its the visionaries who progress and adapt themselves to the changing times.. Helen Keller has always been my favourite.. loved this quote.
    G Angela recently posted…My Gratitude list for April, 2015My Profile

  9. O yes.. So have I been obsessed with jotting my To-Do lists and follow it religiously..!! Without vision in life, it makes it all meaningless.. vision gives a sense of power and confidence!
    Well written Shantala..

    Geets recently posted…V-VeilMy Profile

  10. What a coincidence! I just made a long list to To Do’s for this weekend. Without a written list I would never get anything accomplished.

    –Mee (The Chinese Quest)
    Mee Magnum recently posted…“U” is for Up #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

  11. Absolutely. My vision gives me direction. I’d be lost without it!
    Megan Morgan recently posted…V is for VoiceMy Profile

  12. Now that is one wonderful quote. I enjoyed your post on vision today. Thanks.

    AtoZ Challenge Team Leader of the Muffin Commando Squad

  13. Yes, Shantala, it does help in accomplishing our goals. I, too, am big on to-do lists, and I make it a point to do what is on the list, and at the end of the day, tick off the tasks completed. And, this is not just about the mundane, everyday things.
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…A blessing.My Profile

  14. I love this post because of the Helen Keller quote. I love her. Plus you also had good points. I really need to learn how to focus better.

  15. I was initially going to write on vision in terms of what you write Shantala though I think you did it more justice than I could have! 🙂 For sure, vision is important in attaining objectives and dreams, whether personal or business! 😉 <3
    elly stornebrink recently posted…#A to Z Challenge: V is for …Values!My Profile

  16. I like the comparison to a magnifying glass used in the sun. Focus is something I’m getting better at but can always do better.

  17. Helen Keller was such an inspiring lady. There are none so blind as he who will not see. I don’t keep to do lists nor do I have predetermined steps to achieve (or goals), I believe in setting an intention, having a vision , focussing your mind on it and then allowing that vision to take shape in reality. Vision is a good word for V.
    Suzy recently posted…Love is in the Air – VenerationMy Profile

  18. Confession: I write the lists and then lose them…
    I haven’t had a vision of my goals for a while and I think that’s probably why I’ve become lazy…
    Wendy recently posted…V is for Veterans — a personal apologyMy Profile

  19. Totally agree – we would all be lost without vision. Having said that, there is always a little leeway to tweak when life take different turns..Loved your post!
    Parul recently posted…V for Vagina MonologueMy Profile

  20. Having a vision is important, I don’t write my tasks down they are in my head :)I work towards achieving my goals and enjoy the journey.

  21. I am a hard core list maker. In fact, I cant survive without lists. They help me stay focused and organised and also help review the situation based on achievement and how far I am from the goal and what else it needs to reach the goal.
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…V is for Void #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

  22. Yeah, I have both visions and to-do lists – the macro and the micro. Sometimes the timing goes haywire but they keep me going in the long run. Breaking up a long term vision into short term to-do lists is the only way to get things done. Great post Shanaya. We do need such inspiring reads to continue with life 🙂

  23. Vision definitely gives purpose to the to-do lists. I am a big list-maker, too.

    I’m blogging about productivity this months — kind of a related topic.

  24. I am a list maker too. But the vision bit is in my mind. Without clear vision, one is rudderless.
    Rachna recently posted…How to handle tantrums of the adult kind?My Profile

  25. List-maker here too *raises hand* As for vision, ah well, I think my heart knows what it wants, but the mind, that is the monkey I need to tame. Once that happens, the vision falls into place 🙂
    Shailaja recently posted…Battle Scars #Poem #AmWritingMy Profile

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