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My Quarterly Goals Update (Apr – June 2017)

Okay, I know this post is like two weeks too late (thanks to my unplanned blogging break), but like some very wise people say – some things are better late than never. I know, I know, it sounds like a convenient excuse, but trust me, this particular time, a short, unplanned break was just the thing I needed to recharge my blogging batteries, and return rejuvenated to this virtual world, I have grown to love so much.

Quarterly Goals

Getting to the topic of this post, if you want to know the rules of the game, or why I decided to set quarterly goals in the first place, do read this post.

But here is the gist – every quarter I set between 10-20 goals for myself (spanning several areas of my life), and I review these goals at the end of the quarter. If I manage to accomplish 75% (or more) of these goals, then I declare the quarter a win. If not, I get to come to this very-public platform and announce a fail, which is so not fun. But as it happens, public humiliation works as a strong motivator, so I stick to this format.

Now coming to the particular goals I am reviewing today, if you are interested in reading why I set the goals I set for the past quarter, you can check it out here.

So now without further ado, let’s get started with the update, and see if this quarter was a win or a fail.

Personal Goals

Sort all Personal Photos & Videos – I know absolutely no one will be surprised by this, but this did not happen, though I must say that I did do some ‘research’ on where and how to store these photos, after I sort them. But yeah, I am aware that the goal was to actually sort the photos/videos, and not just research, so I am not counting this as a win, but I’m definitely rolling it over to the next quarter (yes, again). [Score – 0/15]

Blogging Goals – Food Blog

Food Blog – Name + Hosting + Theme + Recording Keeping System This was more challenging than I initially anticipated, but I did manage to complete this task, so this would be my first win for this quarter. [Score – 1/15]

Food Blog Theme – Buy + Customize + Apply – This was also a win (which makes it two wins in a row. Yay me!) As it happens, this whole splitting up the tasks for the food blog was a brilliant idea, and has helped me to actually get things done. However, when I completed this task, I realized there were some other things to be done before the blog is ready for posting/public viewing, but those would be separate tasks (coming up in next quarter’s goals). As far as this task is concerned, it’s complete. [Score – 2/15]

Food Blog – Post 4 Recipes – This was clearly a fail. Cause like I mentioned, I have some more tweaks to do before I start posting on the blog, so the recipe count is zero. [Score – 2/15]

Food Blog – Figure out how to provide printable recipes – Also a fail. Since there were no recipes, this just did not apply. I am on a losing streak here! ? [Score – 2/15]

Food Blog – Set Up YouTube Channel This was relatively easy, and so it is done. In-fact, I have secured all the other social media handles for the new blog as well. [Score – 3/15]


Blogging Goals – Shanaya Tales

Shanaya Tales Posting Schedule – Here the goal was to post every Sunday for the 3 months in review, and while I missed a few Sundays, I am going to count this as a win, as I was able to keep up 1 post a week (at times a little more) and that was essentially the real goal here. [Score – 4/15]

Shanaya Tales – Start an Audio-book Series  – I know I haven’t yet published this post, but I have written the first post of this series, and it is going to go live right after this quarterly goals series, so I am going to count this as a win. [Score – 5/15]

Catch up on Pending Reviews – Okay so while I only managed to review 2 of the 6 books I had on this list – Being Mortal & More Than Just DesireI am still going to count this as a win, as the goal said to ‘catch up’, and I did ‘catch up’. ? (I need more concrete goals from next time! :/ ) [Score – 6/15]

Catch up on Books with Review Commitments  – Again, applying the same logic as above, I did manage to ‘catch-up’ on pending reviews too. I reviewed 3/11 books – Jugnu, Knitted Tales & The Simplicity of Cider, so you see, this is done too. All hail loopholes! ? [Score – 7/15]

Reading/Bookish Goals

Finish Reading The Lunar Chronicles – This was one series I had procrastinated for the longest time, but I have finally finished reading The Lunar Chronicles, and what an absolute joy it was! I am going to review it soon, and also include the spoiler free reading order (as this has 4 books, one novella/bridge book, and many short stories that need to be read during certain points of the series). But for now I will say this – this series has secured its place in my all-time favorites, so clearly I recommend it to everyone. [Score – 8/15]

Participate in Dewey’s Readathon – The goal here was to do the readathon (done), participate actively in the community (done), and write one post (if not more) about the readathon (done-dona-done-done!). ? [Score – 9/15]

Health/Fitness Goals

Fitbit -50 K Steps per week – This is done. However, this quarter, I have come across some challenges regarding measuring the steps accurately, as I can’t wear my Fitbit all the time, especially while cooking, cleaning etc, so for next quarter, I need to revise my plan of attack. [Score – 10/15]

Brisk Walk – 30 mins 3 days a week – I am going to count this as a win, as I have done it during the weeks I could. There were quite a few weeks where I was really sick these past few months, and I am going to discount those weeks. As anyway, this was always meant to be a healthy day/week goal. And unfortunately 2017 has been pretty rough on the health front. Nothing too serious, just a lot of falls, and a recurring case of cold, dry cough, and general weakness. [Score – 11/15]

Lose 5 pounds – This goal I scrapped long back. Because the real intention here was to maintain weight, and that should have been the goal to begin with (which, by the way, I succeeded at), but I guess it did not sound cool enough a goal to the silly-past-me, and so I wrote down this misguided goal instead. Nonetheless, like I said, this goal was scrapped, so the final tally stands at 11/14.

FINAL SCORE: 11/14 that is 78.6% which means this quarter was a win. *Applause* B-)

That’s all from my end, folks. I will be back soon with my goals for the next quarter. In the meanwhile, I would love to hear from you guys. Do you guys set quarterly goals too? Or goals in general? How do you guys track them? Do share!


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  1. Initiating and tracking with the goals sounds more easier when I read your post. The quarterly goal is an awesome idea and I feel stupid for not thinking about it before I read the post. I looovvve the idea and I really wanna start this schedule. It sounds so simple but effective. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  2. Super well done on your goals! I stay not doing goals because I am laaaaaaaaaaazy, but I do need to get back to dealing with some of my 2017 goals because otherwise I am not going to finish them and I want to finish them so I can feel good about myself and brag to everyone.
    Jenny @ Reading the End recently posted…#24in48 ReadathonMy Profile

  3. Seems like you did really well, Shantala. 11/14 is very good considering how busy you must be otherwise. Looking forward to your food blog. Hope this quarter turns out good too:)
    Nabanita recently posted…#MommyTalks | One Year As A Working MomMy Profile

  4. Now I need to do a similar post – link up with you and finally get my Fitbit ready which has been sitting in the cupboard!
    Everything seems so sorted and inspiring!
    50k steps in ? I aimed for 10k a day with my old Fitbit!

  5. Woww you are so systematic… This is a perfect example of how tasks can be fulfilled when broken down and orderly listed. Your dedication is impressive. Congratulations on the food blog. I am really curious about the audio series. I have been thinking of creating a YouTube channel for long but can’t figure out a theme. Great job on completing the quarter goals. I got some July goals in place… You have inspired me to do a post like yours ?
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…10 on 10 – Short Sad PoemsMy Profile

  6. Now, that’s really wonderful. Yes, you are very systematic to publicly publish goals and review them. Great going.
    Rachna recently posted…When Children Mentor Other ChildrenMy Profile

  7. You did awesomely, Shantala and I can’t wait for you to announce your food blog! The YouTube idea is great. Get moving, girl 🙂
    Shalini recently posted…To Have or Have NotMy Profile

  8. Kudos to you for being a winner with your quarterly goal accomplishments. You are working right, then how do you manage to get so much done? I need to learn from you to inculcate organisation in my life or else I will be spending whole of it lazing around. At the moment, the only thing I am focused on is eating right and losing weight. As I see it, this is going to take a long long time.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Cycle Repair Wala #MondayMusingsMy Profile

    • Yes, I do work full time, and it’s kinda chaotic to balance everything, but that’s where these lists come in, they keep me focused on my goals, on what is important. And every once in a while there are slip ups, but I have learnt to let them go, and move on. 🙂

      As far as your weight loss goals go, you can do it, Anamika. It does take focus and determination, but it’s doable. I personally have finally conquered that particular demon this year, so I know for sure it’s within reach. Wishing you the best with your goals. 🙂
      Shanaya Tales recently posted…My Quarterly Goals for Summer Quarter (Jul– Sep 2017)My Profile

  9. Well done! I like the way you set out your goals! It’s pretty impressive and breaking it down that way while being specific, is amazing. Good luck with the next quarter.
    Sanchie @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted…Book Review: The Gulf by Anna Spargo-Ryan #AWW2017 #AusRead17My Profile

  10. CookieCrumbsInc. says:

    I really love your system 🙂
    11/14 is so bleddy awesome *clapclap*
    So looking forward to the food blog.

    P.S: I’ll ping you on Facebook about the buddy reading

  11. I must applaud your tenacity in being so damn meticuous and honest in logging in your goal tracking- well done you!!! I think you have done quite a fair bit – take it from someone who routinely makes to-do-lists, only to start a new one next day with more pending works than done!!!
    I have been to log into the chatty blogs more often and write more posts for it too!! Have to sort out my blog this August and then will get onto the writing bit from september I guess!
    SHALINI BAISIWALA recently posted…The last swan song | Friday Fiction |My Profile

  12. To keep track of your goals always keeps you motivated. I am trying to exercise 3 days a week but can only do it for 2days.
    Yay !! For your food blog.

  13. You have your goals so well organised. Now that’s a goal for me. There are these random things that float in my mind, of things I need to do. I write them down quite often, but somehow never have organised them this way. Doing it this way, surely it must be boosting your morale to achieve them too…
    Ramya Abhinand recently posted…Book Review Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind By Yuval Noah HarariMy Profile

  14. I am totally impressed at how organised you are with your goals. I don’t think I’d ever be able to do this. If I could I’d get so much done. I think you did pretty well there. Congratulations. When do we get to see you UTube channel?
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Am I doing it right?My Profile

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