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My TBR for Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon

Hey guys!

How are y’all doing? Today I am here with my TBR for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon that is taking place on Saturday, the 29th of April. This is one readathon that I have been eagerly waiting for, mostly because I have been stalking it for a long time now; always loitering on the fringes, and never really participating.

Okay well that’s not completely true. I did participate one time, but back then neither did I officially sign up (!), nor did I interact with the lively community on social media (!!). I spent the day reading and stalking them, which to be honest, is still a pretty great way to spend a day. But this time I have decided to go all in, and join the party.

Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon – An Introduction

For the uninitiated, Dewey’s is a 24 hour readathon, which means, on this day, for 24 hours, the online bookish community reads books together, talks about them on their blogs and various social platforms, and connects with fellow book lovers all over the world, while bingeing on their favorite snacks. Sounds glorious, doesn’t it? It is.

To find out everything that you want to know about the readathon (and more!) check out their official websiteThere’s tons of information on there – on how to sign up (and where to), the start time for your region (as we all participate during the same 24 hours worldwide), and prizes (yes of-course there are prizes!).

My Goal for the Readathon

My goal for the readathon is to read 8 hours out of 24. I know it might seem like nothing to most veteran readathoners, and quite a lot for some newbies. But as far as I am concerned, it’s doable, though it will take some very careful planning.

Especially considering that over the past few months all my reading was normally done on weekdays. As on weekends, I am busy cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries, furniture for the new house, and figuring out how to keep my lawn alive.

All of which I will probably even have to do on the readathon Saturday, because one can’t just skip on Adulting. But I have planned my TBR and the formats keeping this in mind, so I feel like it will all work out.


My TBR for the Readathon

Nasty Women

This is a book I have already started reading, and I’ll continue with it on the readathon day. It’s a powerful collection of inter-sectional essays, interviews, and accounts on what it is like to be a woman in 2017. I am less than halfway through, but so far, I am completely in love.

Everything Everything

This book was on my radar for a long time, and I just kept procrastinating it, but now that the movie is releasing soon, I felt it was the ideal time to finally read it, because I am borderline obsessive about reading the book before seeing the movie. Unless of-course I don’t intend to read the book at all.

Half Girlfriend

This book I bought over 3 years back, and again one that I am picking up now only because the movie is set to release in May. But unlike Everything Everything, this one was bought on a whim. I hadn’t read anything by the author after my teens (which is now way over a decade back), but the hype (both good and bad) surrounding him had me curious. But clearly not curious enough, because I never read this book. Here’s hoping I actually get to it now.

Cinder (Audio)

It’s a lucky coincidence that this audio-book became available in my library in time for the readathon, because I was wanting to include audio-books in the mix to get more reading in, and this one I have been waiting on for a long time, as I wanted to re-read it (or in this case, listen to it), to reacquaint myself with the world, before continuing on with the series. The audio format seemed like the easier route to take, but I have never really listened to fiction before, so fingers crossed it all works out.

Yes Please (Audio)

Another audio-book, but this one I have already started listening to. In fact it feels like I am listening to it from ages.  Because some months back, I listened to a significant chunk of the book, but it just did not hold my attention, and then I completely forgot about it.  So this is essentially me giving it another shot, and hoping for a tiny miracle.

So that’s all the books that I plan to read. On readathon day I will be sharing updates of my actual reading progress on all of my Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Goodreads, so I hope to see you all there.

That’s all from my end folks. I would love to hear from you guys. Are you participating in Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon? Have you decided your TBR yet? Have you participated in any other readathon in the past? Do share!


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  1. A readathon sounds fun. I have never been part of one. Eight hours is a decent enough time – challenging but doable. Good luck Shantala.
    obsessivemom recently posted…Of growing children and social etiquetteMy Profile

  2. Readathon sounds like so much fun.I am checking the site out.Will definitely try participating.

  3. Hi Shantala, I’ve never heard of this readathon. It sounds quite fun! Interesting book choices. I can’t believe I have not heard of most of them, especially the ones that are being made into movies. Usually I’m on top of that—LOL. Looks like you’ve picked some fun reads and nice that you have two audio books in there. I would require at least one to get through so many. I look forward to hearing more about these books from you. Good luck! p.s. It’s okay to ‘not adult’ for a day 😛

  4. Have fun reading! This will be my third time participating and I’ve been looking forward to it.

  5. All the best, Shan! You can do this 🙂

    And you’re reading CB? You’re a braver soul than I am 😉 All the best and see you on the other side!
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…What daily blogging taught me: Building a habitMy Profile

  6. Oh my, the Readathon sounds like fun, but also a bit unnerving. I mean,reading and talking/sharing about it for 24 hours! That must be quite a feat the readers must be achieving, na?
    Wish you the best for your first readathon, Shan! I hope you have a good time! I am sure you will! 🙂

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