Mar 1

Jane Eyre – Book Review (5 stars)

When I started reading this book, I found it supremely boring (no don’t kill me yet, hold your horses), and it was a struggle to keep at it. In fact, I would have certainly DNFed it, if not for the fact that I was buddy-reading this book with Bookish Muggle, and I really did not […]

Feb 10

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy – My Conflicting Thoughts

This is a post I have procrastinated for the longest time, as it’s been quite a while that I read this series; I guess a couple of years at-least. But now with all the hype surrounding the movie adaptation of the 2nd book, Fifty Shades Darker (which released today), I thought it is about time, I […]

Feb 5

If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo | Book Review

If I Was Your Girl is a prime example of book publishing done right. It’s a contemporary YA novel featuring a transgender woman as its main character, written by an author who is a transgender female herself. And if I am not wrong, so is the audio-book narrator, and the model on the cover of […]

Jan 30

Catch-Up Over Coffee #2 (Blog Birthday, Shanaya Tales ‘Birth Story’ + #ChattyBlogs Linky)

Hola folks! As you may have figured out from the overly long post title, this is the very first #ChattyBlogs linky, which just happens to be on the two year anniversary (or is it the birthday? 2nd birthday?) of Shanaya Tales. Speaking of which, I feel like this (the blog birthday) would be the perfect […]

Jan 25

Introducing: The Quarterly ‘all encompassing’ Goals Post

Hey guys! As promised, I am here with my very first all-encompassing quarterly goals post. If you haven’t read my last post, let me quickly bring you up to speed as to what these quarterly goals are all about. I picked up this goal setting/tracking system from a writer I follow on YouTube, who sets 10-20 […]

Jan 16

Fitness 2016: A Look Back + Fitness 2017: A Roadmap

If you have followed this blog for the last year, you have likely read my blog post(s) and endless ramble about wanting to adopt a more healthier lifestyle. The intention was there, and at the beginning, the action too, and for the first half of the year I pretty much followed through, as you saw […]

Jan 9

Reading Goals for 2017

Hola folks, and Happy New Year! Hope this year has started out well for you guys. It sure has brought a lot of positivity for me, just hoping that it sticks through this year. Since this is my first post of 2017, I thought it would be appropriate for it to be a ‘goals’ post. […]

Dec 31

Reading Goals and Bookish Bingo – An Update

Hey guys! It’s that time of the year again, when we reflect and review the year gone by. Keeping in line with mood of the season, this is my reflection post, but mostly of my reading life. Let’s start with my number goal first. My number goal for 2016 was to read 30 books, and […]

Dec 18

November Wrap Up – Books and Movies

Hey Guys, welcome to the November edition of the Monthly Wrap Ups, a series where I wrap up my month in books and movies, within the first week of the next month. In the past few months, it’s been a struggle to keep up with this timeline, but I am getting better at this, considering […]

Dec 3

October Wrap Up – Books and Movies

Hey Guys, welcome to the (overly delayed) October edition of the Monthly Wraps Ups, a series where I wrap up my month in Books and Movies, within the first week of the next month (okay so this timeline has essentially become a joke, considering this is December now, but hey, it’s the goal, and I […]

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