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Preventing Reading/Blogging Burnout

This is one topic that I am sure all book bloggers have a lot to say about. The struggle against reading/blogging burnout is real, and if one doesn’t have a good system to deal with it – one will find oneself in the dreaded land of reading/blogging slump, more often than one likes.

How do I know this? Well, mostly because, while I am (thankfully) not a permanent resident of the dreaded land, I do hold a multiple entry visa, and have (unfortunately) visited the said land many many times!


Understanding triggers and cause-effect relationships (This sounds so intellectual! πŸ˜› )

For me, both these things (reading and blogging) are inter-connected. A reading burnout/slump almost always leads to a blogging burnout/slump, because while I post about other things too, a majority of my posts revolve arounds books.

Having said that, the reverse is not true. For one, I have never faced blogging burnout/slump when my reading life has beenΒ all rainbows and butterflies. But even if for some reason, I have not felt up to blogging, I have used the time to spend in my reading cave, which eventually makes me want to blog, because I typically have a lot to say about the book (s), and unless I want to risk (unwelcome) information overload on the non-reader, I have for a spouse, there is no outlet for my endless bookish babble.

How I prevent/handle a burnout?

Like I mentioned above, for me, blogging burnout is a non-issue, so long as all is well with my reading life. So essentially, I just have to take care of one, and the other takes care of itself.

There are several things that I do to prevent/handle a reading burnout, but these are the two things that I have found to be most helpful –

Alternating genres – I almost never pick up the same genre back to back; in fact I try to pick up something as different from the preceding one as possible. For instance – after a high-fantasy series, I pick a standalone contemporary; after an especially dense classic, I pick some fluff that enables mindless reading. I know this might not help or work for everybody, but it keeps things fresh and interesting for me.

Following fellow book bloggers – This is a no-fail thing for me. If I find myself in a slump due to burnout, reading fellow book bloggers’ posts/social media updates almost always manages to suck me right back into the reading world. Their enthusiasm is infectious, I tell you!

Having said what I have said, if all fails, and I find myself in a reading slump, I don’t force myself to read. This is where Netflix binges come to my rescue, and soon enough (in a week or two – sometimes more, depending on what I find on Netflix πŸ˜› ), I find myself missing reading enough to want to get back to it.

That is all from me. I would love to hear from you guys! Have you experienced reading/blogging burnout/slumps? What helps you overcome them? Do share. I would love to know!

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  1. Much needed read for me. I have started alternating genre otherwise I feel slumped reading same genre. If I find a book is a light read, I pick up another one and read simultaneously. Keeps me occupied and mind receives variety food.

    Good post Shanaya!! I should read this whenever I feel I’m exhausted reading books.
    Seeya recently posted…TurbulenceMy Profile

  2. Alternating genres is always a good idea! I do that a ton — I’ll go through a period where I’m reading nothing but YA fantasy novels, and one day I’ll look up and realize I never want to read another one of those ever again. (That never lasts, of course! I always just need a breather!)

  3. There is something extremely therapeutic about binge watching TV! Sometimes you just need to zone, you know? (Especially if you’re zoning with the Gilmore Girls.)

  4. The struggle is real, you said it, Shantala! I’ve always been someone who reads multiple books in parallel. Choosing what to read is like a balancing act. If one book is a heavyweight, the other(s) have to be light reads. I tend to experience burn out if I read the same genre (most of the time it’s history).
    Hema recently posted…What do you see?My Profile

  5. ‘Stalking’ bloggers has always been the panacea. πŸ™‚
    Deepika Ramesh recently posted…Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 5My Profile

  6. Totally agree that reading and blogging slumps are connected! I try my best to have just random “bookish” post ideas just drafted for emergencies, but if the book slump is long it can definitely get dicey. It’s good to just go with the punches, though!

  7. That is so true, about the two being interconnected. And your points to avoid burn out are spot on. I am fortunate that I enjoy reading a variety of books and so mixing up genres comes naturally. And I’m a little too attached to Netflix maybe.

    I am so glad I decided to take part in BBAW this week, even if only partially. It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed meeting new-to-me bloggers and reconnecting with old ones. I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Yes! I purposefully pick up books that are really different from each other. It does help with that feeling of “Oh my gosh, I have read 200 stories about a pirate girl who meets an alien boy and they travel through time together.” Actually that sounds pretty interesting….
    Lindsey recently posted…Review: Sounds Like MeMy Profile

  9. I was in a reading slump for almost 3 months and I did not force myself to read. And Yes, Netflix rules during my slump times. Shantala, we are so alike.. I always keep alternating between genres. By doing that I’ll be handling better at book hangovers. Nice post!!
    Honey Bee recently posted…(Book Review): Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth HaynesMy Profile

  10. Ha! “Multiple entry visa”–I knew that I knew you from somewhere! We must have been in line together going to or from Slumpland. πŸ™‚ Lovely to finally meet you during BBAW!

    Netflix helps me, too. When I can’t get into reading, I try to pick a show with a great narrative that pulls me in, and the next thing I know I’m drawn to something on the shelf. And failing that, there’s always The Gilmore Girls, which just makes me happy.
    Priscilla recently posted…BBAW Day 5: Keeping It Real, Keeping It GoingMy Profile

  11. I don’t often get reading burnout but I do get stuck. If I pick a book that I don’t quite like I find it hard to let it go and move on, I don’t pick another book till I finish this one and this one I won’t want to finish so I’m stuck. And sometimes that can lead to no reading for months. No blogging phases happen when life takes over. When I have too many things on my mind I end up not blogging at all.
    Beat About the Book recently posted…7 reasons to re-read booksMy Profile

  12. Hmm interesting read Shantala! Switching between multiple genres definitely helps! I am sure this will be a pretty useful post for fellow book-bloggers. All the same, anything you say, makes for an interesting read πŸ™‚
    Kala Ravi recently posted…The Jagjit Singh Music Festival – 8th Feb 2016My Profile

  13. Loved it, Shanaya. Completely agree with you when you say that blogger’s block (if such a term exists) doesn’t exist if we keep reading. The important point, though, is to keep reading good stuff. Something mediocre which fails to stimulate us intellectually can be really harmful.

    A way I’m trying to avoid blogging burnout is to make hay while the sun shines. I write as many posts as possible while I’m on a reading rampage. Helps the posts come out fresher and gives me a repository for those dark days when I don’t feel like reading or writing.

  14. Not a Book Blogger but yes, there are times when I feel like writing but words stuck. A short walk or a day out helps.
    Nice post. We as Bloggers experience this many times.
    upasna recently posted…Are you fooling yourself when you say I have no time?My Profile

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