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The Simplicity of Cider by Amy Reichert | Book Review

The-Simplicity-Of-CiderI picked this book up on a whim, when it was offered as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) on NetGalley, and thankfully the gamble paid off.

It’s a sweet and charming read. The story revolves around Sanna, a prickly, yet quiet and lonesome girl, whose whole world revolves around her family orchard, until single Dad Isaac enters it, with his quirky and adorable 10 year old son, Bass, and like you would expect, love blooms.

Now I must say that this isn’t the kind of blurb/book I typically gravitate towards, but I was curious about the author, as I had heard about how she has a knack for mixing my two favorite things – food and romance – very well.

And after reading this book, I have to agree with the popular opinion, she is indeed pretty good at it.

Though I have a feeling that I will enjoy her debut (Coincidence of Coconut Cake) more than this one, because from the blurb, that one looks right up my alley. So I am planning to read it prettyΒ soon. Anyway, I digress.

I’ll stay on topic, and talk about The Simplicity of Cider

Things I liked

As far as this book is concerned, I must say that the setting of the orchard was definitely the highlight for me.

Which, admittedly, is quite surprising even to me,Β because I am not what you would call an outdoorsy nature lover; I am more of a housebound bookworm, one who cannot even figure out how to keep a single plant alive.

But be that as it may, I loved reading about the Lund family orchard with the several varieties of apple trees, including Sanna’s favorite Looms, and how the life of some of the members of the family intertwined with the seasons & rhythms of nature.

The writing was very atmospheric. I felt like I was right there in the apple orchard. I could smell the sweet scent of apples, hear the sounds of the crickets chirping, and feel the warm breeze rattling the trees, as I walked through the orchard in firefly light. It was almost like taking a vacation without leaving home.

Things I did not likeΒ 

Now as far as what I did not like, there were mostly two things.

For one, I have mixed feelings about the female lead. In-fact, for the first half of the book, I really did not like her much. She came across as a self-absorbed, overgrown teen (and she was in her early 30s!) who was incapable of understanding POVs that don’t align with hers.

Though I must say that she did kind of redeem herself later when we see another facet of her personality, where she is quick to own up to her mistakes and equally quick to apologize without ego hassles. But I think in this case, the initial impression left a lasting impact.

The other issue I had with the book was that some plot lines were just not tied up well . For instance, the orchard was being vandalized, and Sanna doesn’t even attempt to figure out who is trying to kill her trees. Sure there were other things going on, but that’s life, something or the other is always going on. But wouldn’t we take the time to investigate, if something that is important to us seems to be in danger?

Anyway, in-spite of the issues that I had with this book, the story had enough redeeming qualities for me to overlook the things that I did not like as much.


3.5 Stars


I would recommend this book if you need a warm and fuzzy read this summer. And oh, also if you need an orchard vacation without leaving the house.

You can get the book on Amazon here – The Simplicity of Cider

That’s all from my end folks. Have you read this book? Or any other by this author? I am curious to know if you guys have read The Coincidence of Coconut Cake. If you have, do share your thoughts. Also, which book/series has been your favorite summer read?


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  1. Hm, I haven’t read that one. Thanks for the tip and for an honest and well-written review Shanaya:-) tempted to pick this one up…:-)
    Eli recently posted…JoyrideMy Profile

  2. So should I buy this book or not?

  3. I love how you have reviewed the book.Specially about the female lead znd her confusion.Would love to pick up the book to visit apple orchards through it!

  4. I loved how honestly and sincerely you have reviewed..

  5. I wait for your reviews, you know πŸ˜‰

    Hmm, this one is giving me mixed signals. Not really sure if I would enjoy it. Reminds me a bit of ‘When the oven exploded’ by Andaleeb Wajid, but I actually liked the way she’d mixed the food and romance bits there. It was an engaging read. This one, hmm, okay will decide once I get through my mountain of TBR.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…30-Day Habit Challenge: Change one thing about yourselfMy Profile

  6. Great review, Shantala. I might try this one. I certainly would enjoy a vineyard more than an apple orchard πŸ˜€ I think we take a liking to books that take us places we’d never go in real life. Plot holes really bother me. Something like not looking into the tree killing issue is bizarre since she no doubt, earned income from those trees. I like the cover!

  7. Nice review. Probably not my cup of tea though
    Sanchie @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted…Take pride in JuneMy Profile

  8. Great review. Yes, an overgrown teen as a lady in her 30s is not a character one can connect with. I have heard about the debut of the author but not read it yet. I found the debut title similar to Aimee Bender’s The Particular sadness of lemon cake when I first heard of it. Since I did not like the Aimee Bender book, I did not try to read the coconut cake one (Yeah, not exactly the right way to decide reading a book). I hope you will enjoy Coincidence of Coconut cake if you pick it up
    Resh Susan recently posted…The Dark Circle by Linda Grant – An Emotionally Fulfilling ReadMy Profile

  9. Food and romance! I discovered last year that I love that combination. <3
    Sreesha recently posted…The TributeMy Profile

  10. This sounds really nice, specially the setting. I might not be a sporty person but I definitely am outdoorsy. And an apple orchard sounds wonderful.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…A normal birthdayMy Profile

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