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The Right-Wrong Companion Series by Varsha Dixit | Review

This post is a three-in-one review of Rupa Publications’ Right/Wrong Companion Series by Varsha Dixit.

Rupa Publications approached me for reviewing Varsha Dixit’s latest Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right, and I was considering doing it, as I had read and enjoyed Only Wheat, Not White (OWNW) by the same author.

But when I got to know that this book was the final one of a series, I asked them if they can send the companion trio over, as I always read series chronologically, and they obliged (Thank you, Rupa Publications!).

Also, the timing of this series couldn’t have been better (for me), because like I mentioned in my September Wrap Up, romances were on my agenda anyway that month, as I got ready to deal with the (then upcoming) house move, and having three books in a genre that works as my stress buster was perfect for a particularly stressful (but exciting) time.

A Companion series; NOT a Continuing Series

First things first – this is a companion series, not a continuing series, which means that each book can be read as a standalone.

And while these books do work as standalone reads, a fair amount of common, interconnecting threads run through them, which might be lost on people who read only one of these books.

Which is why, it might be better to complete the trio, especially if you are someone like me, who needs to know everything about everything. 😛

Right Fit Wrong Shoe 

varsha-dixit-right-fit-wrong-shoeThe first book Right Fit Wrong Shoe follows the love story of Nandini & Aditya. This one is very Bollywood-y  in the sense that it is pretty predictable, and follows the tried and tested route. However, this did not really bother me, as complete originality is not what I absolutely need to enjoy romances. As long as the story is well told, I can still enjoy it. And Varsha Dixit sure knows how to tell a tale – she had already proved that to me with Only Wheat Not White.

The thing that bothered me with this one was the style of writing and the editing. The persisting short forms, sms lingo, and misplaced exclamation & question marks are some of my pet peeves, and even romances are no exception for this rule.

Nonetheless, I am going to cut the author some slack, as this was her debut effort, and having said what I have said, Right Fit Wrong Shoe is still an endearing story, and a great intro book to a series that definitely improves on the writing and editing front.

Right Fit Wrong Shoe (Amazon) | Right Fit Wrong Shoe (Flipkart)

Wrong Means Right End 

varsha-dixit-wrong-means-right-endThe second book Wrong Means Right End centers around the love story of Sneha & Nikhil. This book is completely unlike the first one – in the sense that it is very non-filmy, and is noticeably better on the writing and editing front. Moreover, out of the three female protagonists, Sneha is the one I can most relate to. But ironically, this is my least favorite love story of the three. Go figure!

Of-course this is all relatively speaking, as this one is a pretty neat tale on its own. But I guess by the time I read this, Nandini and Aditya’s story had kinda grown on me, and comparatively speaking, I liked that one better. Also the ‘conflict’ in this book seemed a little contrived to me, so there!

Nonetheless, it was a decent continuation to the series. Broadly speaking I enjoyed the threads of friendship and camaraderie that run through this series, and more specifically, this book taught me an interesting way to camouflage cuss words in front of the little man. Not that I use that many at all, but for the errant ones that slip out, Sneha’s method might work perfectly to disguise them and deflect attention. Well, until the little guy starts questioning me about the absurd words that come out of my mouth, but you really can’t win all, right?

Wrong Means Right End (Amazon) | Wrong Means Right End (Flipkart)

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right 

varsha-dixit-rightfully-wrong-wrongfully-rightThe third and final book Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right revolves around the love story of Gayatri & Viraj, and this one is my favorite of the lot, which is surprising even to me, because after I read the first book, and got familiarized with the characters, I read the blurb of the following two books, and when I got to know that the third one centers around Gayatri, I was very skeptical. Like really really skeptical.

Mostly because, while I can tolerate relatively unlikable main characters in other genres (Case in point – The Girl on The Train); in romances, I absolutely need to like the protagonists, and be able to root for them. And I did not like Gayatri very much at all. I mean, she was tolerable in the first book, but in the second, she was right up there with the most undesirable characters.

Which is why, I must give full credit to the author, for not only redeeming her, but also making her truly likable in the third book. And for having done so, without making any dramatic changes to  her character, but only showing the readers a different side of her personality.

Moreover,  the pairing of Gayatri with Viraj – as unlikely a match that these two were – the crazy scientist with the vamp turned vulnerable-diva turned businesswoman – it kinda worked, and very well indeed.

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right (Amazon) | Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right (Flipkart)


The series is an easy, breezy read – perfect for some light reading over the weekend. And while the books can definitely improve on the editing front, Varsha Dixit knows how to weave a tale, and if you read and enjoy this genre of Indian Romantic Fiction – this is an author I would definitely recommend.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this series. Have you guys read this book/series? Any others in this genre that you recently read and recommend? Do share! I would love to hear from you guys!


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  1. Interesting series. The titles are unusual. Books that are not edited properly can really throw off my reading game. These sound kind of fun though, and hopefully this author can get better editors for her next books. Thanks for the reviews, Shantala. It’s always nice to discover new authors.
    Lisa Thomson recently posted…The Icing On The Cake Story ExcerptMy Profile

  2. Detailed review Shanya. I have read only wheat not white and loved it. This series Seems like a light hearted romance. Will add to my wishlist. Had been a long time when i read romance ☺
    Ramya recently posted…Gratitude list Oct 2016 #NaBloPoMo #day2My Profile

  3. Sounds interesting. I haven’t read the author at all. You think I should pick up Only Wheat not White first? Like you I need to like the protagonists to like a book or at least empathise at some point. Even in Girl On The Train I could see where she was coming from.
    Beat About the Book recently posted…Rita Just Wants to be Thin – A ReviewMy Profile

  4. Good to read about all the books at once. I read only the last one. We can surely have more books from the same author.
    Lata Sunil recently posted…Books on MahabharatMy Profile

  5. Oh, I love Varsha’s books and I agree to everything you’ve mentioned here. Wheat one is my favorite and among this companion series, the last one wins hands down. Tell me about being skeptical of Gayatri being the heroine! But well executed, itsn’t it! 🙂
    Shalini R recently posted…Fish Molee – Recipe for Kerala Style Fish StewMy Profile

  6. I have read Only Wheat Not White, Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right. All these books are light breazy reads. Of all these, I would rate RWWR better than the others.The titles of the chapters in RWWR are pretty interesting and apt too!
    SHILPA GARG recently posted…Vipassana Diary : Taming the MindMy Profile

  7. Interesting series and I hadn’t heard about them. Thanks for sharing. I completely agree that poor editing, sms language is a turn-off but looks like that’s the trend these days.

    • It is Parul. And I have no idea why. Stories don’t need to rely on that to relate to people. I guess it is the easy way out, instead of appealing to their innermost thoughts and feelings.

  8. I am not sure if this series is for me. I am not really into pure romances unless the story really tugs at the heart or if it is a romcom. I loved the titles of all the 3 posts and your review is engaging and well done as always.
    Rachna Parmar recently posted…Review of Personalized Bath Towels from Perfico.comMy Profile

  9. I have read Only wheat..not white, and I did like it, though it was quite bollywoodish but the narration was good… I haven’t read the other books in the series, but I’d like to read. Good job with the reviews, they are quite balanced.

  10. Well, I can’t stand the sms lingo :/
    But well written reviews. Glad that the third book could satisfy your likings or you would have banged your head 😀
    Anmol Rawat recently posted…In a World Without You – Day 15My Profile

    • LOL. I find it very frustrating when I see sms lingo in otherwise perfectly wonderful stories. It hampers the reading experience for me; I am possibly too old to enjoy it now. 😛

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