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Valentine’s Day for Toddlers! – Why does this exist?!

Last week I got an email from my son’s preschool titled – ‘Valentine’s Day List’, and the content of that email contained the list of names of my preschooler’s 18 classmates, and that’s it – no explanation whatsoever.

I was at a loss, as to what this meant, mostly because, this is the first year my son is in a school setting – so this is all very new for me. At any rate, I couldn’t fathom why they would want to celebrate Valentine’s day at preschool.  

Now I understand that the school authorities are possibly extending the meaning of Valentine’s day to encompass – friendship, which is okay, I guess. And eventually, I even figured out that they wanted us to make hand-made cards for the other kids; hence the list of names.

But these are toddlers that we are speaking about. It is hard enough to get them to do regular things like – eat, sleep, or stop talking. I can only imagine how much work fun it would be dealing with cardboard, and glue, and scissors, around these little ones; especially, MY little one, who pretty much uses most things available to him as weapons to attack me (don’t ask!).  Just thinking of it makes me want to take a tranquilizer!


Anyway, after that initial email, I negotiated with the school authorities, to accept ready-made cards, and they agreed, so long as the child personally wrote the names of his/her friends on them. Fair enough, I think. Certainly not an easy task (what’s easy with a toddler, anyway?) with a kid that cannot sit at one place for more than 3 minutes, but so much better than all that crafting, that  I am not going to complain.

But this exercise has made me wonder about the rationale behind this. I am sure it is well-intentioned, but there are times that I wonder if this is just some evil contraption to torture parents. 😛 Hmmm..the last line speaks volumes about my feelings regarding this, doesn’t it?  😛

Have you guys experienced anything like this? Does your child’s school celebrate Valentine’s Day too? I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences.

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  1. Hehe!
    This wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve heard about ‘Valentines Day’ for toddlers – I suppose, it’s just to celebrate the general concept of love. Of course, then again, they don’t have to deal with them running around with scissors and glue 😀
    That’s the recipe for a nuclear bomb, right there.
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  2. No, thankfully haven’t experienced anything like this in my kids’ school. It is quite senseless to me. What’s the point of all this except for torturing the parents.
    Rachna recently posted…Valentine’s Day Then and NowMy Profile

  3. Have you read my Art project post? Your task is tame in comparison 😛 Stop complaining 😉

    That being said, I do think some of these things are really weird and ought not to be done at all. Then again, I’m just the parent. My opinion is zilch.
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  4. Hmm…something new. But, it is to encourage activities in toddlers, I guess. Just you need to keep the scissor part with you. Craft activity is good for toddler’s concentration. Recently, I failed to notice my toddler in his school picture where he was colouring the National Flag. I couldn’t believe he, who seldom sits still, would be so engrossed in his work!
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    • Yeah, I believe it is a bonding exercise, which is good in a way. But why can’t they just do it at school – why include us? I am sure my son is more likely to listen to his teacher about scissor use, over me. I can picture him running around the house with a scissor in one hand and open glue in the other – stuff that my nightmares are made of – actually no – my nightmares are made of him running around with an open permanent marker! 😉
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  5. I remember having Valentine’s Day in school when we were encouraged to make cards for our parents – basically any one we love. I think that’s not such a bad idea. But since I remember it clearly, it must have been way after I was a toddler. With the twins I didn’t mind the crafting since I used to like it, wasn’t good at it but we did lots of it. Folding, drawing, finger painting kind of stuff. Messy but fun and it kept them occupied so I didn’t complain. Don’t worry Shantala – just keep those scissors away.
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  6. You are kidding, right?
    Valentine’s Day for kids!!! Gosh, heights!
    Glad that you got away this time 🙂
    Shalini recently posted…Down with Love..only Literally #LoveAndLaughterMy Profile

  7. Makes no sense… valentines day is hyped up… we already have friendship day… children’s day… why take valentine’s day to friendship say… for toddlers they should have eating day… parents should have a sweet for another kid and the child will share it with his friends… well how about share and joy day… anyway happy valentines day to you have good day with your husband, you deserve it more(: … goodday
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  8. Yeah… over hyped the v day has become… just unnecessary…anyway
    Minty Mile recently posted…An old Indian love Story preceding 1942My Profile

  9. You lucky girl….you escaped! I have been trapped doing all kinds of bizarre craft projects for both my kids, just because of one initial blunder I commited – making a decent chart for my elder one in nursery class. That was it….word got around and I was perenially saturated making charts, props and what-not for years together. Boo-hoo! Valentine for toddlers…hmmph! Loved the cute little froggie with heart!

  10. Hahahah. These days – any excuse to make it an event, Shantala! I am glad you negotiated on the readymade cards! But Valentine’s Day for kids? Tsk Tsk. 🙂 So hilarious! Best thing is, the kids will have no idea and only look forward to the treats! Which is good, I guess!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…My Morning MantraMy Profile

  11. The intent is good. Execution is flawed. Maybe if they created an activity in which they had to work and let kids understand the theme the impact and essence would have been better 🙂
    richa singh recently posted…Comment on A turntable #MondayMusings by MeeraMy Profile

  12. My son started daycare yesterday. he is just 5 months old. today, when i dropped him, his teacher gave me a sheet of paper which said that thy are celebrating valentine’s day tomorrow at school. It also mentioned to send 7 gifts and 7 books for other kids. I was like “what on earth”?!

  13. Valentine’s Day for kids? Huh! Who would’ve thought of that…. *strokes imaginary beard in deep thought*
    Really, I know what you mean by using everything in sight as a weapon. And I would never dare to keep scissors anywhere he can reach them. He’d run all over the place.
    If we forget about the hard work and the logic behind it (and how unnecessary it is), it sounds kinda cute though 😛
    Sreesha recently posted…Would You?My Profile

  14. TOddlers and scissors, hmm. I think they mean for moms and dads to do all that homework.
    Hema recently posted…Fiction : I may have to start making my BedMy Profile

  15. At the age when children should be left to their creativity, imagination and choices, celebrating specific days such as valentines day is funny. Friendship day would still work, even though I may not approve it. There may not be any harm, but it gives a direction to the child’s thoughts. There is anyway enough media to have them exposed to such days/events. They don’t do any such thing at my son’s school, but who knows when they get influenced by other schools and begin these new trends.

  16. Valentine’s Day for toddlers is a new one for me. I think it must be a norm in US, thankfully none of AG’s schools till date have celebrated this day in school. While I am ok with the school authorities celebrating /teaching but this home work for parents is something that I am not ok with. Glad that you found a way to not get attacked at home 😀

  17. Wow..V day in a school! I am hearing it for the first time. If u ask me I like the idea of extending the meaning to loving your friends, class mates. But I so sympathise with you. Happy Valentine Day!

  18. I know this feeling. I was surprised when my 3-year-old came home with a bunch of V-Day cards. At school, they teach kids to use scissors, so they expect us to do crafts without trouble. But as parents, our fear will never stop. 🙂 Now he makes Valentine’s Day card for me at school. I got one today. 🙂 It will get better as they grow old. 🙂
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  19. Never heard of anyone celebrating valentines … this young… Valentines is one thing, friend’s day is something else I think… Bit too early maybe? Anything positive is good, I guess, but the origin of V-day is surely not for toddlers…
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  20. That’s the power of commercialization for you! Sadly, schools like many other social institutions are becoming – consciously or unconsciously – means to inculcate this commercial tendency in such young minds. Friendship, love, goodwill, harmony – all these great ideals can be inculcated in many other creative ways, and as you rightly say, these things can be and should be done at school. There really is no need to involve parents in making/buying cards etc? Let kids learn about the good ideals in their own way, in age appropriate activities facilitated by the school.
    Good luck with negotiating many such things with the school system in the years to come 🙂
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  21. I would have negotiated for ready made cards too, great minds think alike 🙂 I quite like Amanda’s idea of sweets day instead of Valentine’s day for toddlers, each one brings a special treat for his/her friend.

  22. The schools these days celebrate anything and everything. It is one thing to educate children about these things..but the bottom line is – are they really necessary? It is more unnecessary work for the parents. I am glad that I am through that stage.

  23. I don’t have a kid so can’t really say, but I guess the is a nice way to have some fun!

  24. I see it with my young niece all the time how much adult stuff is included in even nursery and pre-school. Boggles the mind what on earth they expected to achieve. I think this is all more for the parents than the children, especially something like Valentine’s Day. It was Independence Day here in Sri Lanka recently and they seriously tried to teach my 4-year-old grand niece about it. Hey, she can barely tell the colours of the flag, how is she supposed to understand this?!

  25. I have no experience but I am aware that all the project work is done by parents instead of the child. I always wonder why should that be given to the child. Also, I have heard if interviews when school open for admissions. Schools demand hefty fees, working parents and then they keep the parent teacher meetings on a working day. What does all that mean? It’s a business Shantala. There is no noble deed in opening and running schools.
    And yes – your post is very genuine. Not at all the way you thought it was. It’s pretty simple, clearly articulated opinion and if it can resonate with me, parents would agree for sure.
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  26. I read the whole post and am left wondering about where this could have been offensive to anyone in the first place. It is simply an expression of a mother who is trying to make sense of the whole thing. If I would have been in your place I would have been through the same tumult. Currently, my son goes to a normal school, not the type considered to be one of the good or fancy schools of Bangalore, but the one thing I like most about his school is the teachers themselves work hard with the kids whether it is crafts, dancing or studies seldom requiring parental involvement except for regular homework.
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  27. My niece comes loaded with holiday homework and over the top summer projects. My SIL tries her best to make her do things on her own without helping her much, but the moment she sees the work in school that gets selected and displayed at exhibitions, clearly shows it’s not even the work or mommies, but have been paid to be done from the market! I mean what sense does it make? Fist you pay over the top fee of the child and then pay for the craft work just so it makes it in room for a couple of hours! I don’t understand why does this happens? And my poor niece, is never able to make it there, all because she does things by herself (which turns out pretty good as for her level), but that doesn’t matters after all!

    Glad that you discussed with school authorities.. And they agreed as well..

    I don’t know what is happening with the system
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  28. Of everything, I actually loved the sentence where you said that everything is a weapon to attack you 🙂 I know it will be tough but the sentence you wrote attracted me
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