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Yes Please by Amy Poehler – A disappointment

Yes-PleaseI have to admit that I went into this book with high expectations. When I picked this book, I had just read (and loved) Bossypants, and as television personalities, I like both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Β equally. So even before I started reading this book, I was expecting to like it a lot. But that did not happen.

To be fair, it did start out pretty well, but after some chapters, this book just did not hold my attention. In-fact the only reason I was able to complete it, was because I heard it on audio vs actually reading it. And typically I race through audio-books, but this one I was listening for months! Not because it was a long book, but because I just never gravitated towards it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not hate this book, it simply wasn’t for me. In-fact if you remember my review of Bossypants, I had mentioned that the only thing I did not like about the book was the small section in the middle with all the name dropping and the references to her shows that I did not get.

In Yes Please, that was not a small section in the middle. It was basically the whole entire book, or the majority of it. Which is why I had a difficult time relating to her as a person. And in a memoir, that personal connection is extremely important to me, and I just did not get enough of that from this book.

However, the one good thing that came off reading this book was that she talked about Parks & Recreation SO MUCH, that it made me check it out. And while I wasn’t too impressed by the show in the beginning, as it took me a while to get used to the format, I am pretty addicted to it now.

All in All: This was an okay read/listen for me. But if you are a die-hard Amy Poehler/Parks & Rec Fan, you may enjoy this one. Especially because you will definitely get all the references.

In which case, you can get it on Amazon here –Β Yes Please.

That’s all from my end, folks. I would love to hear from you guys. Did you read/listen to Yes Please. How did you find it? Also, Parks & Recreation – such an oddball that show is, but also so very addictive! What do you guys think?


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  1. Hi Shantala, well, I haven’t read this book but I do have a major girl crush on Amy. I adored her character in parks & rec. I was a parks & rec employee for many years so can totally relate to the cast of characters, the issues and dynamics in that department—LOL. I have the first season on DVD but it would be nice to see it on Netflix in its entirety (maybe it already is on there?). I’m not in any hurry to read this though. If I saw it on the shelf of a used book store for a few bucks, I’d likely grab it but it’s not on my list.
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  2. Thanks for this review, Shantala– this is not up my alley, but I know I can recommend it to a few reader friends in a group.
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  3. I do keep up with American comedians as far as I can. I have watched a couple of videos featuring Amy and I’m sure I’d enjoy this.

  4. To be honest, between Fey and Poehler, I’ve always admired Fey’s brand of humour more. It somehow comes much easier to her, I think, as opposed to Poehler. Oh and yeah, the thing about memoir writing is that it’s tricky. How do you write about yourself without making it ALL about yourself? Why do you think that book of mine is taking forever? πŸ˜‰

    It has to have some universal appeal. The personal has to transcend the narrative and become expansive.
    Also, I doubt I will ever take to audio books, so congrats on that πŸ™‚
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Self-Worth: How a school assignment helped meMy Profile

    • Yeah, I agree, humour does come more naturally to Fey over Poehler , or possibly I can relate to Fey’s brand of humour more than Poehler’s.

      As far as memoirs go, I don’t think the issue is that it’s all about them (the authors). It’s their story after-all, so it will be mostly (if not only) about them. But like you said, it does need to have some kind of universal appeal, something that people can relate with, something that people can take away.

      Also, no one can relate with everyone, so it’s okay if the memoir doesn’t appeal to everyone. In-fact if the author is trying to appease everyone, it’s very likely they please no one.

      Fey makes this memoir business look effortless in Bossypants, while Yes Please seems like it is trying too hard.
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  5. I love both Amy and Tina Fey. They are so awesome all the time. Haven’t read the books yet. Good that I read your review first πŸ™‚ If there are references to the shows, I will most probably not get it πŸ™‚

  6. I love Amy and parks and recreation. So obviously this was on my radar to read some day. But your review is making me doubt if I should.

    I love Mandy Kahling (from The Office and Mindy Project) and both her books were fairly entertaining. Maybe you should try it sometime.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

  7. I read this book when I didn’t know who Amy Poehler was. (I only know Tina Fey from Mean Girls πŸ˜€ )
    Neither have I completed the book, nor found out more about Amy Poehler. The constant references were a put-off. An example of how references are to be done in a way that makes a non-knowledgeable reader enjoy a memoir is ‘Is Everyone Else Hanging out without me?’ by Mindy Kaling. I started watching The Office after reading her memoir! That’s how much her writing style and concern for the reader attracted me to her work. Have you read this book? I’m sure you’ll like it too. Because Mindy Kaling writes about her struggles and life experiences, and doesn’t name-drop her way to the last page of the book πŸ™‚
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  8. I haven’t read the book and after reading your review, I doubt if I will pick it up. I haven’t even heard of her.
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  9. I love Fey and Poehler both. They have a killer sense of humor, but I haven’t read any of their books yet.

    After this review maybe I’ll check out Bossypants first.
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  10. I’m in the process of watching Parks and Rec and do find it funny. However, I found 30 Rock funnier I think. I did love Bossypants and had been contemplating this one but I prefer more personal connections in a memoir as you’ve said. So if that’s not there, I don’t think I’m going to bother.

    • Yeah, Yes Please is a classic case of ‘trying too hard’, and ‘getting nowhere’. In her effort to please everybody, I think she couldn’t really connect with anybody. Or maybe she did connect with the hardcore Parks & Rec fans, especially the ones going through show withdrawal, but for the most part, the personal connection was missing.
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  11. I’m so behind in my reading. I haven’t read BossyPants yet or even gotten around to an audio book. This one will be way way down on my TBR, if it does remain there.
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